Is Pelosi Abusing Her Power by Obstructing Impeachment?

Is Pelosi Abusing Her Power by Obstructing Impeachment?

Nancy Pelosi is enjoying her moment in the spotlight a little too much as Speaker of the House in the midst of the articles of impeachment against Trump. The problem is that she may have forgotten her role. She only has power with the House of Representatives – not with the Senate. Many are criticizing her for abusing her power.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been extremely vocal about Nancy Pelosi and her power trip in Washington DC. He has ripped into all of the Democrats in the House for lowering the bar and ousting future presidents and damaging the Constitution. He called it the weakest, finished and fastest” impeachment throughout US history.

McCarthy believes that the standard for impeachment should be bipartisan, compelling, and overwhelming – none of which happened under the rule of Pelosi. He even referenced how Gabbard cast the only bipartisan vote in the entire ordeal – voting “present” as a Democrat who is running for president. Additionally, there were two Democrats that broke ranks to vote with the Republicans against impeachment. Not a single Republican voted in favor of the impeachment.

There are plenty of reasons as to why Pelosi is proving that she’s abusing her power. She agreed to launch proceedings to impeach trumpet after insisting earlier in the year that she was not in favor of it. She allowed her pressure to rule her – and now she has become power-hungry.

So far, Pelosi has refused to forward the articles of impeachment to the Senate. She is threatening not to send them until she can be assured the trial would be fair. However, to indicate that the trial wouldn’t be fair is simply absurd. Many Republicans can say the same about how the Democrats built the entire articles of impeachment. What they did was hardly fair.

Pelosi is also demanding that certain people be called as witnesses into the Senate trial. However, she may need to remember that her jurisdiction ends with the House of Representatives. McCarthy told Fox Business that what she is doing is an abuse of power. He believes that it should be read as an acknowledgment from the speaker of the house that the impeachment is weak – and many people are beginning to wonder the same thing since it has been over a week and the speaker of the house has still not forwarded the documents over to the Senate.

While many Democrats are celebrating that Trump has been impeached, it shows just how many people need to take a course in Civics 101. Trump isn’t officially impeached until Pelosi forwards the documents to the Senate – and she is still refusing to do so.

Pelosi also failed to take questions about Republicans’ objections to the proceedings when her press briefing occurred on Thursday. Why decline questions about that unless there’s something to hide? She has gotten so used to abusing her power that she believes she doesn’t have to answer to anyone about her or the actions of the Democrats in the House.

Pelosi clearly doesn’t have much faith in her counterpart in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. Otherwise, she would let him see to it that there is going to be a fair trial. All Pelosi is doing is showing that she thinks that she holds all of the power when, in fact, she doesn’t.

The really amusing part of the whole thing is Pelosi is about to be guilty of what the House believes Trump did. They passed two articles of impeachment. They charged Donald Trump with obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. These are the same things that Pelosi is doing right now – she’s abusing her power as Speaker of the House by demanding a “fair” trial in the Senate when, of course, it would be fair. She’s also obstructing Congress by not allowing the Senate to get their hands on the impeachment articles so that they can focus on a trial. Careful, Pelosi – you’re not playing nice. The Republicans are done with your antics and McCarthy has proven that he’s not afraid to speak out about all that she’s been doing.

The question that many people have to ask is, how long can Pelosi hold onto the articles of impeachment? At some point, if she doesn’t hand them over by the first of the year, there is going to be a call to say that she is obstructing justice. This may cause the entire impeachment proceedings to go away simply because she abused her power too considerably.



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