Is the Massive $2T Infrastructure Bill Really a Victory for Trump?

Is the Massive $2T Infrastructure Bill Really a Victory for Trump?

The details are at best, hazy. In fact, according to one report, there is “…another meeting with Trump in three weeks to work out specifics.”

The big news here, however, is that a price tag has been agreed to.

That is step one, a big one (and a rather quick), to the President’s plan to give America the kind of infrastructure that is expected of the greatest country in the world.

To be fair, it is far too early to cry victory and this story is still quite honestly just beginning, even if that sounds somewhat odd.

Yes, we just announced that an agreement for the price to rebuild the country’s infrastructure has been agreed upon. Yes, it was a massive $2 trillion dollar project that was confirmed by both sides.
So, that is a win, victory for the President and his agenda, right?

If only anything in politics were that simple.

Here is where the waters that President Trump and his the team must navigate get dicey.

While a price was decided, it is quite clear that the Dems have quite a different agenda than the one the President has in mind. President Trump, as he did when he campaigned, has promised a plan to rebuild our roads, highways, and bridges.

On the other side, weighing in at $2 trillion worth of climate change initiatives and ecosystem plans is Pelosi and Schumer.

Another report of this breaking-news agreement was literally titled, Pelosi, Schumer want to turn Trump’s infrastructure plan into a climate change bill.

That story also cited some of the specific proposals which included “…permanent tax subsidies for green energy and electric vehicle tax credits permanent, more funding into green tech and hardening infrastructure against extreme weather.”

Wow, that sounds nothing like roads, bridges or highways and the waters could get rougher from there.

The other storm that must be dealt with is figuring out how that trillion dollar price tag will be funded.

So, is this good news? Absolutely.

s it a win? Well, we probably can’t mark this up as a “W” just yet.

Fortunately, however, this isn’t any President we are talking about and maybe that victory is closer than we think.

This won’t be the first time in his less-than-three years in office, that he will have already faced the unlikely and improbable to get things done, to get the wheels moving in the right direction.

Does anyone remember that idea about building “a Wall” to help keep the country safer, healthier and stronger? How about the no-flight restriction zones put in place to protect America from terrorism and backlash from war-torn regions?

Opposition? President Trump seemingly thrives on it.

We dare not forget that it was in the face of an apparent loss (according to those major media networks) that the President took the office by storm and with a convincing victory not even three years ago.

Finding the funding and getting things done in Congress seems to be a skill President Trump has already learned.

Perhaps there is even a way to give the Democrats some of what they want.

Maybe there is a way to help make the climate better and safer and still rebuild the country’s infrastructure? This much is certain, if there is a way to get it done, we have the right leader in office to figure it out.

Nobody said the work of making America great again was going to be easy, nothing good ever is.

What we know about this latest agreement is that our President was able to shake hands with the other side of the table… again.

What we know is that Donald Trump thinks inside, outside and around the box and this step in the right direction may be all he needs.

We are watching history and we are witnessing a President unlike any before him.

Is the $2T Infrastructure Bill a Victory for Trump?

Most of us probably wouldn’t call it just yet but perhaps there is one man who can already see the victory.

Just maybe this is part of his plan to make America great again and everything is going exactly according to Hoyle.


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