It Never Ends: Schiff Is Calling for yet Another Round of Hearings

It Never Ends: Schiff Is Calling for yet Another Round of Hearings

Just when you thought the Dems couldn’t get any more outrageous, they’ve now chosen to throw their support behind a terrorist. The Democrats would have rather Trump kept General Soleimani alive so that the Iranian government could commit more acts of terrorism against the US. Apparently an attack at a US embassy wasn’t enough for them.

Adam Schiff in his sheer hatred for Trump has decided to call for congressional hearings. Why? He doesn’t like that Trump ordered a drone hit on General Soleimani. However, it was within Trump’s constitutional rights as President to do so – and it isn’t as though he woke up and made the call without anyone’s input. Perhaps Schiff simply has his feelings hurt since Trump didn’t ask for his opinion on what to do.

The House is going to get involved in every foreign policy decision that Donald Trump makes simply because they don’t like him. House Intel Chairman Schiff (D-CA) has already called for Congressional hearings into the drone strike.

The House Dems have gotten involved in Ukraine, Iran, North Korea, and more. They’re overreaching in their responsibilities and it’s getting old.

What are the Democrats claiming now? That Trump didn’t have the authority to call a strike against a hostile enemy. Hmm, that’s strange. Obama had that authority. No one questioned him when he struck against a hostile enemy.

Schiff told the Washington Post that Trump “put us on a path” where there may be a war with Iran. However, he’s mistaken. If anyone put us on a path that would lead to war with Iran, Obama did it when he had the US sign the agreement with Iran that put billions of dollars into the pockets of terrorists. Yet, Dems don’t want to talk about that.

Schiff wants Congress to fully engage when there’s the need to call for a strike. However, it’s clear that the House and Senate don’t see eye to eye and there was the need to act quickly. Schiff was briefed on the air strike, but he echoed Pelosi with “absolutely no way” that Trump should have retaliated to a potential attack with “disproportionate” actions.

Wait, Iran already attacked a US embassy in Baghdad on December 31. So, killing Americans and killing the number one terrorist in the world is a disproportionate action? Exactly whose side is Schiff on? It almost sounds as if he’d rather have kept a terrorist alive than defend what happened on American soil at the embassy in Iraq.

Trump had put Iran on notice over the weekend if Iran were to strike an American or American target. Schiff, however, believes that the claim that Soleimani was planning an “imminent” attack was thin. He has said that he was “not satisfied” that the intelligence supported the killing of Soleimani.

Yet again, Schiff isn’t listening. He wants to blame Trump for an impulsive judgment. However, Trump didn’t make the decision alone. He had multiple uniforms helping him with the decision.

Schiff wants to be able to make the calls. However, it’s not his call to make. Whether he likes it or not, it’s the call of the President of the United States. For now, that’s Trump. If Schiff wants to be the decision maker, he needs to run for president. There’s still room to run for 2020, but he’d have to go up against Biden and a few others to do it.

Trump had the full authority to order the drone attach. Even Jeh Johnson, the DHS Chief under Obama’s administration, said that Trump had constitutional authority as commander in chief to order the attack. It didn’t require additional authorization. Soleimani was a lawful military objective and Trump ordered the hit to protect the interests of the United States and American lives. Schiff simply wants to look at another way to take a hit against Trump. By doing so, he’s condoning terrorism, though – and it’s yet another way that Schiff is earning his reputation for being shifty.

Adam Schiff is the epitome of what’s wrong with the Democratic Party in the United States. Rather than accepting Trump and working with the administration in order to help the country, they’re determined to rip it apart. Even if that means siding with a terrorist country. Their impeachment efforts have been a joke, so until they can get Trump out of office, they’ll just keep disagreeing with him. Meanwhile, they’re inadvertently helping to add to Trump’s fan base as most Americans support Trump’s decision.



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