Joe Biden Believes He and Hunter Are Made of Teflon

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President Biden is convinced he and his son must be made of Teflon these days. As he has demonstrated, he never cares about the allegations the duo has faced since he became the Vice President in 2008. He has brushed everything off like it’s beneath him. Now that he seems to forget everything too, it makes for a really ugly combination in the White House.

With the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives, the impeachment of Biden is looming. Reporters have been trying to get something from him, but he just gives them riddles and other shady forms of denial. On November 9th it was “Lots of luck in your senior year as my coach used to say.” This kind of response is the Presidential version of “I’m rubber, you’re glue,” and shows a level of fake confidence in a man.

Not the fake confidence where he thinks if he shows that he’s confident you’ll believe him. He ACTUALLY believes the Republicans have nothing on him. With the lies, corruption, deceit, and his son’s misdeeds with his involvement, it’s only a matter of time. Yet, in his mind none of it is real, the proof doesn’t exist, and he’s perfect.

Currently, three major issues are being investigated so they can pull the trigger on getting him out of there.

The botched crisis at the border Biden caused is one of the major issues. With his stoppage at the fence, the illegals have known their time to get through would stay open a bit longer, so they pressed through the now abandoned openings to flood the country. With massive amounts of drugs, and terrorists sneaking in with them, this overwhelming number has been higher and more persistent than ever before. Those getting caught are being treated like royalty and put up in five-star resorts.

Then, there is the investigation with his son Hunter. Between the open admission of lying on a pistol background check, stealing goods and services by having the secret service guarding his “art” gallery shows, and the massive abuse of drugs while using his father’s name to escape trouble has been criminal. He even used it to escape the Navy after failing a drug test. Most of all, his illicit use of his father’s office in natural gas dealings in Ukraine for five years, ended just before Biden was the solidified candidate in the 2020 elections.

Finally, the most serious charge is his complete failure at withdrawing from Afghanistan. Between providing no flood of assistance in getting people out, he folded big bases to the Afghan National Army, which was so full of corruption and misconduct, it was known they would fail without Americans staying. Instead, he tucked his tail and tried to get out as fast as possible. Now, the Taliban is controlling the country and has taken over the trillions of dollars in equipment, arms, and other military equipment we left behind.

When reporters inquired about Trump allegedly asking Republicans how many times they would press the impeachment charges Biden responded with “I mean, I think the American people will look at all that for what it is – it’s almost comedy.” The only problem is for something to be a comedy others have to laugh at it. Nobody is laughing at this clown for destroying this country. We are laughing at how horrible he looks doing it, and the morons who put him into office.

Then again, he also thinks they don’t care about what he’s been doing. “I think the American public wants us to move on and get things done for them.” He’s right, we do want to “move on and get things done,” just not with him. We want to leave the dementia weight behind and focus on getting through with bringing our country back.