Joe Biden Found Using Products Made in China Using Forced Labor

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President Joe Biden seems to be enjoying himself in the White House. He parades himself around like a royal out of touch with time. He has turned America into a nation highly dependent on other international economies. And as a result, the nation suffers massive inflation rates and high prices at the store and the pump.
Biden’s betrayal does not stop just because prices are at an all-time high. He has taken America overseas to China, which manufactures things using forced labor. The old man has also kept American manufacturers from being able to produce American-made products.

Republican lawmakers discovered that Biden was buying solar panels from the communist regime produced with forced labor – the inhumane way the people were forced to labor in camps to produce products worldwide.

The communist leaders have no problem forcing people to do their bidding. Joe Biden would love to be able to force people to work in labor camps in America. But he cannot get away with that kind of behavior with the current system of government in place. He needs a socialist system where he can make all the rules.
Bob Gibbs is a Republican serving in the House for the state of Ohio. Fox News reported that he stated, “China’s dominance in the solar industry, we need to verify no government-funded projects are enriching Chinese companies profiting off Uyghur slave labor in western China. It becomes a matter of national security if we have to rely on the Communist Chinese government and companies it controls for the parts necessary to create and maintain it.”

Joe Biden should have turned to American manufacturers for help producing solar panels. But he could not turn his back on his beloved Chinese masters who owned him because of his private loans with China’s bank.

Biden’s purchase of solar panels violates a law passed in 2021. The Democratic president does not care about the people that the Chinese are abusing to make their products. All he cares about is putting up a front before people so he can act as if he cares about others. But the truth is that he only cares about fame and being liked by the senseless liberals brainwashed enough to vote for him.

Fox News also reported in a letter they sent to the Department of Homeland Security that “Unfortunately, almost 40 percent of the global production of polysilicon, a key component in solar panels, comes from the region [Xinjiang], and nearly 85 percent of the world’s solar components are produced in China.”

The solar panels help rebuild the Virgin Islands’ power grid. The noble cause is a good gesture, but the sources behind the cause are corrupt and full of human rights violations. Joe Biden is breaking federal law by buying products from China because of the forced labor they use to make their products.

The people that live in the Xinjiang region of China have been at odds with the communist regime for several decades. The Chinese government does not see any reason why they should not continue their oppression and abuses towards the people that oppose communist rule.

Communist leaders justify their oppression of the people by claiming that the people terrorize innocent people. They use a national law that supposedly is used to counter-terrorism. The regime can force people to comply with the law or face imprisonment, sterilization, torture, forced labor, and many other horrible actions.
Communist China is guilty of abusing the rights of nearly 200 million people based on religious grounds alone. The government banned any form of religion, and it will not be tolerated. The people caught by the communist military are taken to the forced labor camps and made to make the very products that Joe Biden should not be buying. The old man secretly supports the inhumane treatment of people who just want to be left alone.

The Democratic Party and the communist leaders in China come from the same line of insanity that makes them believe they can control people through fear and manipulation. They secretly support one another, hoping that someday freedom will fall in the west and communism can reign supreme.