Joe Biden is Now in Trouble in Iowa

Joe Biden is Now in Trouble in Iowa

When former Vice President Joe Biden first entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president, he seemed to be the beneficiary of a kind of political anti-gravity that kept him double digits above the rest of the field, including Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont.

However, the latest Real Clear Politics poll average shows Biden to be at just 23.8 percent of Iowa voters. Sanders is within striking distance at 18.8 percent.

Keeping in mind that Biden still has a healthy national lead and in New Hampshire, nevertheless, the first whispers of doubt are being heard that Biden is the inevitable winner just on the strength of his electability.

He is now being compared to past losers who seemed to be strong coming out of the gate.

The names of Hillary Clinton and even Walter Mondale, who was obliterated by President Ronald Reagan during the 1984 election, have been mentioned. A story in the Washington Examiner adds a third name:

“CNN political commentator Ana Navarro took a jab at Democratic primary front-runner Joe Biden saying his lack of energy reminds her of Jeb Bush, a candidate she had deep ties to in 2016 and was a vocal supporter of.

’ I say this as someone who really likes Joe Biden,’ Navarro said Monday on CNN’s ‘New Day.’ ‘Right now, he’s giving me Jeb Bush acid reflux. I want to see him pull this together. He’s got time.’

“Jeb Bush, a 2016 Republican primary candidate for president, quickly found himself at the butt end of jokes from media pundits and social media critics for what they perceived as a lack of excitability during his campaign.

“Then-candidate Donald Trump often referred to Bush as ‘low energy Jeb.’”

Biden does seem to have a low energy problem. He has been taking a leisurely approach to running for president, skipping events, particularly with other candidates present.

He was most recently absent at a conflab in Iowa, something that was noticed by the media and voters. If half of success is just showing up, Biden is taking some risks by failing to do so.

”Low energy Joe” has been a reoccurring problem. When Biden was Barack Obama’s running mate, he got smoked during a debate with then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a woman who was and is very high energy when the occasion demands.

Also, a couple of incidents recently reminded people of some of Biden’s more off-putting characteristics.

He was spotted caressing the hair of a ten-year-old girl, bringing to mind the candidate’s tendency to inappropriately touch women in public.

He was also caught plagiarizing a policy paper that laid out his campaign’s climate change agenda. Plagiarism abruptly ended Biden’s first attempt to become president during the 1988 campaign.

Biden’s sudden flip flop on the Hyde Amendment has not helped his prospects. The amendment was passed in the late seventies on the behest of its cosponsor, the late Rep Henry Hyde, R-Illinois.

The Hyde Amendment forbade the use of government funds to pay for abortion, until recently a bi-partisan compromise that recognized that a great many Americans regard abortion as the murder of a human being and therefore should not be forced to pay for the procedure, Biden was a warm supporter of the Hyde Amendment from his early days in the Senate.

However, the Democratic Party has become radicalized on the abortion issue, demanding that the procedure be legal up to and even, in some cases, after birth.

The Democrats would like to see the Hyde Amendment abolished, the theory is that it is unfair that poor women should not have access to abortion.

Biden came under attack for his support of the Hyde Amendment. As a result, Biden flip-flopped and now, even though a devout Catholic, opposes the amendment.

Worse, he seems to have been persuaded to do so by Alyssa Milano, a B list actress who has found a new career as a political activist.

National Review notes, “In December, 82 percent of Iowa Democratic voters said they saw Biden favorably; this month, that number is down to 72 percent of Democratic voters, a ten-point drop. His unfavorable ratings are up nine points.”

To sum up, Biden is not only old and low energy but is easily stampeded to the left on the issues.

The smart money is that abortion will not be the last issue that he will not be forced to “evolve” on.

All of these factors point to Biden being surprised when the Iowa Caucus is held, and the race upended.


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