Joe Biden Wrecked Fourth of July for Millions of Americans

Stefano Garau /

Joe Biden has accomplished what many thought would be impossible. In just 18 months, he has managed to lead the most incompetent and hated White House administration in American history. His approval rating is at a record all-time low, and it looks like Biden hasn’t hit bottom yet. He’s still digging. Unfortunately, that’s bad news for the many millions of Americans who have seen their lives economically upended ever since Donald Trump left office. Biden is doing such a poor job with the economy that it may take a generation for America to recover after he finally leaves office. In the meantime, he just wrecked the Fourth of July weekend for millions of people.

The reason? High gas prices. People can’t afford to travel to see their relatives this year because of the Biden Price Hike. An Emerson College poll has found that 33% of Americans canceled their travel plans for the Independence Day weekend because of high gas prices. Another 18% of Americans canceled plans to fly over the weekend because Biden has so badly wrecked the air travel industry. If you add those together, Joe Biden wrecked a beloved national holiday for 51% of all Americans.

Gasoline was still averaging $4.84 a gallon on the Friday before the holiday weekend. That’s only slightly down from the $5.01 record high that gas hit in mid-June. And just as a reminder, the average price of gas was $2.38 a gallon on Donald Trump’s last full day in office. The price had been stable at $2.38 a gallon since the previous October. Ah, the good old days! Remember those?

Meanwhile, the cost of everything went up for an annual Fourth of July cookout. A year ago, the Biden regime bragged that they had saved everyone $0.16 on the cost of a cookout, compared to 2020 prices. They offered this as proof that Joe Biden’s Build Back Better program was working. They saved you a whole 16 cents!

Team Biden wasn’t bragging about the cost of a Fourth of July cookout this year. Ground beef is up 36% from a year ago. Chicken, pork chops, potato salad, lemonade, you name it. If you wanted it for your cookout this year, it cost a whole lot more than last year. Someone did the calculation and estimated that the price of a July Fourth cookout is up over $10 compared to last year, when Big Joey saved everyone 16 cents.

In his rush to become even more popular with American voters, Biden canceled the Fourth of July fireworks display at Mt. Rushmore for the second year in a row. Makes sense. Why celebrate a nation and its people when you hate them as much as Joe Biden clearly hates the USA? The only surprising thing about Biden being unpatriotic is that the White House didn’t send out a press release claiming it had saved the taxpayers money by not launching fireworks.

Biden’s ineptitude has resulted in the lowest approval ratings of any White House leader in the history of polling. According to the latest CIVIQS polling, Biden’s approval rating is now 31%. His disapproval rating is at 57%. Only Kamala Harris has lower polling numbers than that.

For perspective, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s approval rating was 30% — after he shot a guy in the face. That was the lowest approval rating of any president or vice president since polling first began in the 1950s. After wrecking the Fourth of July weekend for millions of Americans, it looks like Joe Biden is about to give Dick Cheney a run for his money.