Joe Biden’s Weakness Throws the Door Wide Open for International Influence Into US Elections

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President Joe Biden has proven himself unreliable in protecting American interests. His weaknesses as a president have made it possible for international leaders, not sympathetic to American values, to cause a lot of harm to the country. The old man would instead look the other way and let international entities take advantage of the United States by infiltrating and hacking their way into critical systems.

The midterm elections will be the defining moment for the United States. Voters will have their last chance to stop the downward slide into socialism or accept the cruelty that awaits the bottom of the slide. And international leaders from China and Russia would love nothing more than to see the United States succumb to the horrors of socialism and lose the protective spirit that has dominated the west for centuries.

The president needs to appear strong before the midterm elections arrive. For the past year, he has put America last and catered to the whims of eastern powers. But now, he wants to act as if he cares by having the Department of Defense tell the world that they would defend the country from outside influences trying to control an American election.

Newsweek reported that the Department of Defense came out with a statement that the Cyber National Mission Force and National Security Agency are warning of potential cyber-attacks from foreign powers. The statement read that “According to the Office of Director of National Intelligence, Russia, China, Iran, and other foreign, malicious actors may seek to interfere in U.S. voting processes and influence voter perception. Such foreign activity can threaten to undermine fundamental principles of U.S. democracy and influence U.S. public sentiment.”

The reality is that if these foreign powers wanted to attack the United States using cyber methods or some other form of web-based attacks, there is nothing in place to keep them from engaging in destructive actions. Joe Biden has made it easy for America’s enemies to infiltrate and destroy whenever they want to.

Newsweek also reported “That interference could take the form of cyberattacks and other methods, with the U.S. government ‘actively defending against foreign interference and influence operations in U.S. elections, specifically, by focusing on how adversaries seek to undermine U.S. interests and prosperity, the will to vote of the populace, as well as their belief in the sanctity and security of their elections.'”

The hype behind the DOD’s warning exists within the Democratic Party, which wants to create another issue to help them gain ground ahead of the midterm elections. They want people to think that there is a new threat on the horizon and that they will do everything in their power to keep the threat from impacting the American people.

The defensive agencies tasked with combating the threat actively seek information to help them identify any potential threat. They are telling the American people that they are working with other international agencies to help work towards keeping America safe.

The problem behind Joe Biden’s administration and staff trying to keep people safe is that he does not have the desire or capability to make it happen. His track record in defending America is terrible. He left hundreds of people behind when he withdrew from Afghanistan. And he has shown that he is more concerned with meeting the needs of illegals than the people he is supposed to protect.

Anna Horrigan is the NSA’s senior executive and election security co-lead. She maintains that the protective measures in place have a measure of success built upon moving forward. But issues of past elections would seem to dictate another story.

Democrats blamed former President Donald Trump for working with international powers to influence elections. But when it came time to investigate, it was found to be the liberals letting outside influence take the toll on internal elections.

The United States is vulnerable to international attacks because Joe Biden is a weak president. He does not have what it takes to keep Americans safe and secure from foreign threats. He would rather feed the threats than root them out and keep them from harming the country.