Kamala Harris to Take Executive Action

Kamala Harris to Take Executive Action

With the 2020 race for presidency coming up next year, one of the hot topics is gun control.

This is a topic not many politicians wanted to touch on too much until the shooting in Parkland at the beginning of last year.

The Democratic primaries hold 20 candidates on the cards for the Democratic spot, and no one has pushed harder for gun control than the Democratic Party.

Though they will not admit it, their main objective on gun control is to eliminate all guns from the American citizens and scratching off the Second Amendment.

Senator Kamala Harris who is one of the 20 candidates up for the Democratic primary race has put in her two cents on how she feels she will handle the situation.

All gun owners should be aware of all the candidates in the race for the Democrat seat because it will give a better view on the party’s stance more than the candidate themselves.

California Senator Kamala Harris said she would use her executive power if she wins the nomination and beats President Trump in the Election in 2020.

She told CNN, “Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action. Conversations take place every night between students and their parents about why school shootings keep happening. The answer is that politicians failed to reject a false choice which suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away. Those political leaders failed to have the courage to act on legislation, such as a requirement for universal background checks on gun purchases and a renewal of the assault weapons ban.”

She had also mentioned she is a gun owner as well and will make background checks mandatory for “anyone who sells more than five guns a year.”

She also stated she would require the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to work more on the firearms for its law enforcement mandate.

When asked how will she achieve this she said, “I will require that for any gun dealer that breaks the law, the ATF take their license.”

She claimed that no one has slept since Trump took office and that he “took fugitives off the list” for buying firearms.

Her response was, “I’d put them back on the list, meaning that fugitives from justice should not be able to purchase a handgun or any kind of weapon.”I’d put them back on the list, meaning that fugitives from justice should not be able to purchase a handgun or any kind of weapon,”

Democrats have blamed President Trump for everything, but they need to go back and do their research because a report dates back to 2016 when the Obama administration decided the changes.

The Justice Department Office of the Inspector General put out the information in the report that the FBI and the ATF led the debate that began around the Bush era, and President Trump resolved the issue right after he took office.

Here is what some of the other Democratic candidates are saying on the issue who are up for the primaries.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar told CNN, “It is a crime that we don’t have universal background checks. That is something that I pledge to you as your president … I will take on in a big way.”

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke on how she would protect law enforcement with gun control measures, “We need universal background checks. We need to take weapons of war off our city streets. We need as a country to step up, to be more responsible, to be willing to push back against the NRA and to put some sensible gun safety laws in place.”

There is no doubt there will be another media coverage of shootings which happen every day, but it will be at the media’s choice, and the Democrats will control what is covered and what is not.

It will give them the power they need to orchestrate another scene for their platform to discuss more gun control.

If the Democrat party pulls the strings and the candidate dances, then that is who will win the primaries and make gun control priority to disarm the American citizens and erase The Constitution of the United States of America.


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