Kamala’s Latest Brag Smells of Desperation

Kamala’s Latest Brag Smells of Desperation

It is a natural human tendency to boast or brag about your accomplishments and successes. However, when you lose more than you gain, even the smallest brag can hurt you more than help. This is a lesson the senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris has yet to learn.

She recently boasted that she now has 100 teachers in the state of Iowa that support her for president. However, in a state that has over 35,000 teachers in the public sector alone, this isn’t saying much.

On Wednesday, the “Iowa Teachers for Kamala” event was launched in Waukee. To celebrate Harris tweeted, “I am honored to have the support of teachers from across Iowa. Teachers give everything to ensure our kids have bright futures, and it’s time we invested as much in them.”

And while this statement by her is absolutely right, it does little to offer us any sort of hope for the event’s success of her presidency, which will supposedly ensure that teachers get a “potential” $12,200 raise under Harris, especially when looked at next to the total number of teachers in the state.

According to the federal government’s National Center for Education Statistics report, during the 2012-2013 school year, Iowa had more than 35,000 teachers employed by the state’s public schools. When the census was retaken for the 2018-2019 school year, it was noted that Iowa had over 37,000 teachers in their public schools.

And that doesn’t even begin to count the number of teachers employed by private schools, homeschool groups, remote teacher programs, or colleges and universities.

The actual number of educators within that state is likely somewhere near 40,000.

And yet, Kamala wants to brag about having just 100, less than a single percentage, on her side. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

She must be really desperate to boast about such a measly number. But we really shouldn’t be surprised. After all, her campaign has suffered some significant falls recently. She is even losing the support of her own staffers, as one just quit and released a scorching letter about her, her leadership, and the poor treatment of those under her.

Before that, she was criticized after it was revealed that the former San Francisco district attorney had never worked in the private sector, preferring instead, to take money from taxpayers and the public. Some have even labeled her as a “taxpayer bloodsucker” as a result.

But her work as a district attorney has also given other reasons to question her leadership abilities and draw attention to her blatant hypocrisy. It has been pointed out several times that quite a few of the policies that Harris now claims to support and endorse, used to be punishable by her. During her time as San Francisco’s DA, she put thousands in prison for minor drug and marijuana possession charges. Yet now, she says it should be legal and that those who have been wrongly imprisoned for such should be set free.

Similarly, she has said the same thing about the death penalty. She once fought to preserve the death penalty in California, although she refused to actually use it. But now she says it should be banned on a federal level.

Essentially, she is going back on her word just to gain more votes. As she notices the leftward trend of being more lenient and not really punishing those who deserve it in other candidates, she wants America to know that she has similar ideas that would put her in the same ring as them.

However, all it has done is to show her to be one of the biggest hypocrites and liars of the Democratic Party. And the polls are showing it. once in third place, she now sits at a very distant fifth place overall, only rising slightly after a show of force towards Joe Biden during a presidential debate.

But of course, when asked about her recent failures, she doesn’t blame herself at all. No, instead she blames you, America. She said in a recent interview that her decline in the polls shows that America is still very racist and sexist. She says that America, apparently, isn’t ready for a woman of color to be in the White House.

The truth is we just aren’t ready for her. The fact that isn’t Caucasian or male has nothing to do with it.


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