Knock, Knock Kamala…It’s Your Worst Nightmare

Rich Koele /

Kamala Harris had her chance of fixing the issues at the southern border. Many forget – she was tasked with it as one of the very first things once she got into the White House. She nodded, smiled, and said that she was going to look into the “root cause” of immigration. That was her way of ignoring the problem.

We all know that Harris did NOTHING to address the immigration crisis. She refused to visit the border to see how bad things were getting. And when she did finally visit, she failed to go to the areas of greatest concern.

The leaders of the countries within the Northern Triangle have said that they only heard from the VP once – and after that, they heard nothing. So, Harris can’t even really say that she was exploring the root cause. She just gave up on her project because immigration benefits the Democratic Party.

Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. And the governors of Texas and Arizona, Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey, respectively, are tired of dealing with the constant flow of immigrants. It leads to drugs, crime, and homelessness.

As a solution, Abbott and Ducey have been placing some of the illegal immigrants onto buses toward some of the various sanctuary cities in the country – liberal breeding grounds like New York City, Washington DC, and Chicago.

Abbott decided it was time to drive his point home. So, he drove a bus of immigrants right to the front door of Kamala Harris’s home.

Did he take things too far? Not really. Not when you think about the fact that the Biden administration allowed rioters and picketers to stand on the front lawns of SCOTUS judges for nearly a month without saying a word.

Two buses showed up near the VP’s home in residential Washington DC this past Thursday.

It’s not all that surprising that Abbott took it this far considering that he’s been sending the immigrants to various cities as part of a political strategy. Since the Biden administration wants to ignore the problem, he’ll make it everyone’s problem.

And Abbott tweeted about his actions, too. “We’re sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border.”
The flow of migrant buses is nothing new in DC at this point. And Mayor Muriel Bowser has been screaming for federal intervention.

If she thinks what she’s seeing in DC is bad, she should see the border itself. And if Texas can’t get federal intervention, she shouldn’t get it, either.

The level of coordination can vary with the buses. Those coming from Arizona are typically a bit more organized, complete with passenger manifests that include nationalities and arrival times. That’s not always the case with the buses that come from Texas.

Still, the result is the same – hundreds of illegal immigrants getting off of a bus and wandering around DC. Some will be taken by charitable groups and others will be taken to churches. Others, however, choose to fend for themselves.

Domingo Garcia, who is the president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, referred to Abbott’s actions as “inhumane.” He accused the Texas governor of “using human beings, babies, families as political pinatas.”

It seems that Garcia is pointing his blame in the wrong direction. Abbott has been given little to no choice on how to deal with the influx of migrants at the border. He’s simply trying to get the attention of the Biden administration since constant requests for FEMA and other emergency services have been blatantly ignored.

Garcia does have a solution, though – and that’s for the Republicans and Democrats to come together to create a “bipartisan solution to fixing our broken immigration system.”

Trying to get the two parties to agree, however, could prove to be impossible.

Abbott and Ducey aren’t the only governors loading immigrants onto buses, either. Ron DeSantis of Florida has just followed suit and sent some to Martha’s Vineyard.

As for Kamala Harris’s view of what’s happening, she’s remained silent as of right now.