Knock Knock: The Republicans Are at Your Door

Knock Knock: The Republicans Are at Your Door

When the Democrats want to keep everyone out of a meeting regarding the impeachment process and interviews it is up to the noble Republicans to put a stop to it all. The Republicans of Congress had to gang up on a room where the Democrats were questioning a person from the Defense Department. They were questioning them over the impeachment of President Trump. These kinds of secret actions are not to happen and show that the Democrats do not want to work with the Republicans like they are required to do so by agreement.

In a brave effort, more than a dozen Republicans stood outside of the secret meeting and told the world that they were going to enter the room. The room was filled with criminals that wanted to interview and question witnesses without Republicans around. The part of Congress that is heading up the interviews is The House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight Committees. Every asset that the Democrats have at their disposal is involved in the impeachment process.

Matt Gaetz from Florida led the way as he stated: “We’re gonna go and see if we can get inside.” What is funny is that as they proceeded to push the matter it caused a delay in the proceedings. What was found was that the Democrats were speaking with a Sargent at Arms. An official from the Defense Department named Laura Cooper was giving testimony about money that was being held from Ukraine. The Democrats believe that President Trump kept the money from being sent because he wanted them to investigate Joe Biden.

The scene was of a bunch of heroes standing outside of the room trying to press their way inside. Their demands were simple as they wanted to be included in what was taking place and being said. The way that the investigation is headed reminds them as they put it as a “Soviet-style process.” Everything happens behind closed doors. Not one person knows what is being said or done to the person giving testimony.

The group pressed into the room with electronics which is not allowed. All the electronics had to be collected so the questions could continue. The Democrats cry about not being provided transcripts of meetings and other paperwork. While at the same time not providing the documents to Republicans that should automatically have access to them because they are members of Congress.

The wonderful group was able to enter but was quickly asked to leave. All of them were outside of Adam Schiff’s secret torture chamber where he questions people hoping to force them to admit anything he wants them to reveal. The group wanted there to be openness and transparency before the American people. There is no reason to have these proceedings in private especially when the whistleblower refuses to identify him or herself. Not one of the people that tried to gain access is allowed to serve on the committees.

President Trump has wanted the Republicans to fight more for what is right. All the Republicans need to stay together as the witch hunt moves forward. President Trump stated that “I think they’re lousy politicians. But two things they have: They’re vicious, and they stick together. They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst. They don’t have people like that. They stick together. You never see them break off.”

Mitt Romney has often stood against the president on matters of importance. He has openly attacked Trump at several junctures. He rather should be supporting him and sticking with him through the witch hunt because when it is all over the Democrats will lose it all for nothing. President Trump is right in that they all need to stay together and fight for the country. The very future of the United States is at stake. The dumb Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy the very country that countless men and women have died for to protect. The Republican party needs to stick together to make sure that the Democrat never again control this country.


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