Latvia and an Investigation Into Hunter Biden

Latvia and an Investigation Into Hunter Biden

It seems that Latvia has a few questions for Hunter Biden and Burisma, too. John Solomon, an investigative journalist, revealed that the Latvian government has flagged and requested Ukrainian assistance to help with an investigation on suspicious payments that were made to Hunter Biden as well as a few of his other Burisma associates.

All of this supposedly took place just weeks before the Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin was fired at the request of then-VP Joe Biden. This means Biden has some explaining to do.

The law enforcement memorandum from Latvia shows loan payments that total $16.6 million. These payments were sent to Burisma Holdings from the United Kingdom and Belize by way of PrivatBank in Ukraine. Some of the funds were transferred directly to Hunter Biden and three other Burisma officials.

For a man who keeps saying that he did not receive any funds, his name seems to appear on a number of different payment receipts.

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia notified Ukrainian officials of these payments in February 2016. No evidence was provided back to Latvia in order to continue pursuing the issue according to Solomon’s report.

There are a lot of things that don’t add up. When the Democrats want to point the finger at Trump, it’s very easy for him to point right back to the Biden family simply because the timing is suspicious. Shokin was fired in March 2016. Joe Biden also bragged about how he was involved in getting the Ukrainian investigator removed.

Many Dems are quick to protect Joe Biden when it comes to having the investigator fired. They say that it had nothing to do with protecting his son or Burisma because the investigation was not active at the time of termination. This may not be entirely accurate, however. Solomon states that Shokin shared a very different story, involving plans to interview Hunter Biden prior to being terminated.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor general’s office in Ukraine seized assets of Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma. This happened in February 2016, a month before Shokin was fired. Solomon reported that the Burisma investigation cooled down significantly after Shokin was fired.

All of this seemed to have happened. The timeline is suspicious. As such, it would make sense for anyone to question it – and that’s what Donald Trump did on the July 25 call with Ukrainian president Zelensky. That call is now what’s leading to Trump’s impeachment trial since he asked Ukraine to investigate the business dealings of Hunter Biden with Ukraine and how Joe Biden may have influenced the ordeal has then-VP.

The Dems want to make it sound as if Trump was trying to get rid of Joe Biden because of him being a political adversary. Yes, they’re both running for president in 2020. However, Trump is definitely going to be on the ballot. Biden has to get the nomination from the Democratic National Committee first. Meanwhile, Biden has already served in the capacity of Vice President – and if he used his position to influence an active investigation that would cover up money laundering and protect his son of misdoings, Trump has a right to inquire about the investigation.

It seems that everyone knows that Hunter Biden was into some shady deals. Ukraine knew it, which is why they were investigating. Shokin knew it, which is why Joe Biden had him fired. Even Latvia know it, which is why they were inquiring about what was going on. The Democrats know it, too, which is why they are doing everything they can in order to cover it up – including trying to impeach Trump simply for asking questions.

There aren’t too many more places for Hunter to hide. It all seems to be folding in around him. Too many people are asking questions. There are too many documents to show that he received payments. It’s no wonder that he has asked to have his personal finances sealed – if those were revealed, it would show millions of dollars’ worth of deposits from sources around the world. The only question that needs to be identified is whether Burisma was shady because of Hunter Biden or if Hunter Biden was shady because of Burisma.

It’s only a matter of time before a few other countries get involved, asking questions about the investigation. Everyone has a right to know what kind of business dealings Hunter Biden had. The Democrats may want to prepare for the fact that Joe Biden played a bigger role in protecting his son than they are prepared to admit.



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