Leftist Plan Backfires, Making GOP Ron DeSantis One Of The Most Popular Governors In The Country

Leftist Plan Backfires, Making GOP Ron DeSantis One Of The Most Popular Governors In The Country

Ron DeSantis is a Republican governor in Florida. He’s made quite a few enemies among the Democrats over the past few years, mainly because he dared to run for the seat he currently occupies. During the 2018 elections, those on the far-left called him a divisive racist. However, that may have actually helped him over the course of the past year.

A new poll released from the University of North Florida identifies that 72 percent of voters in Florida approve of the job that DeSantis is doing as governor. What’s quite impressive is the actual breakdown. 91 percent of Republicans approve, 69 percent of independents approve, and a whopping 56 percent of Democrats approve. Only 17 percent of those who responded don’t approve of his performance – and it’s likely that they would only approve if it were a Democrat in the office.

There’s a lot to look at to identify just how he’s been able to achieve this level of popularity. After all, with such a high approval rating, it makes him one of the most popular governors in the entire country.

Diverse Support

Florida is known for being a swing state, and DeSantis has proven that he’s supported by a diverse group of voters. He’s got a high vote of approval from Hispanics, sitting at about 82 percent. Then, 72 percent of white voters approve of his job while 50 percent of blacks do. This means that he’s getting the job done for all types of voters.

Dr. Michael Binder, the one who heads up the Public Opinion Research Lab at the University of North Florida, says that it’s rare for a Republican to be popular in Florida.

Could this be because the leftist Dems are getting so ridiculous that Dems are starting to lose their popularity? If DeSantis is any indication of how more states are becoming accepting of Republicans when they typically aren’t, this could lead to quite a change of events come November 2020 when everyone starts to head down to the polls.

Other Conservative Leaders are Doing Well

It’s not just DeSantis that’s doing well with voters according to the UNF poll. They looked at some of the other Republican leaders across Florida. 48 percent of voters said that they’re happy with Senator Marco Rubio’s job while 49 percent of voters are good with the performance of Senator Rick Scott.

Some of the conservative legislative initiatives are doing better than expected, too. 71 percent of voters are in support of laws that would require a federal immigration database known as E-Verify. There’s bipartisan support for this so that businesses would be required to use this. It’s a way of supporting immigration control. It would serve as an immigration verification system, something that, often, businesses are against on a state level.

64 percent of voters are also in support of legalizing recreational marijuana. While support is higher among Democratic voters, there was still 54 percent of Republicans who are willing to vote in favor of the legislation.

Florida voters are also happy to support the bill that DeSantis signed that redefine voting restoration qualifications so that those with felony convictions can vote. 55 percent of Floridians have voted that they are in favor of this bill.

All of this is an interesting change of events – and we have the leftists to thank for it since they attacked Ron DeSantis so viciously in 2018. This is something that has been going on more and more not only in Florida but around the country. The leftists don’t stop to think about their actions. Instead, they go on the defense, attacking someone in such a horrific way that even those within their own political party don’t want to be associated with them. When a Republican then gets into power, the support is there because they don’t want the leftists to win.

With Florida being a swing state, it could end up being a swing to the right when it comes to the presidential elections, providing a vote for Trump instead of one of the progressive Dems currently battling it out with over a dozen of their competitors.

Until then, Ron DeSantis can sit in the Governor’s office knowing that he’s one of the most popular governors in the United States. As long as he continues to get bipartisan support, he’ll prove that it’s possible to win over more than half the population. Plus, he can write a letter to the far left to thank them for their smear campaign in 2018 as it helped to get him to where he is today.


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