Leftwing Chicago Mayor Begging Large Companies Not to Flee the City

Leftwing Chicago Mayor Begging Large Companies Not to Flee the City

Now that the riots have made big city existences untenable, more and more companies are considering fleeing entirely. We cannot say that we blame them for what they are contemplating. How can a company feel safe in a city where the leadership is perfectly fine with allowing their establishments to burn to the ground?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago is facing this dilemma now. She’s created an environment where large companies do not feel safe but she is not willing to make the necessary adjustments. She’s been reduced to begging them to stay. Residents cannot even get the items that they need in a timely manner and these companies are also responsible for much-needed tax revenue that Chicago relies upon.

A recent conference call with big-box retailers went very poorly. Wal-Mart’s higher-ups are understandably furious about all of the damages that have taken place. Lightfoot is doing her best to plead with them to stay. It remains to be seen as to whether these efforts are going to be successful. She’s about to be fighting an uphill battle.

Mayor Lightfoot Pleads With Walmart, Other Retailers To Not Abandon Chicago

Mayor Lightfoot said she’s hopeful major retailers will reopen the Chicago stores that were looted or otherwise damaged during protests surrounding George Floyd’s killing by police in Minnesota. But, she’s unsure of one of the biggest.

Mayor Lightfoot said she was on a conference call with Walmart and other major retailers that had stores looted or heavily damaged during the unrest in Chicago. She said she pleaded with them to not abandon Chicago.

“I think in the case of Walmart, what they were focused on was assessing the damage. They are doing an effort to donate fresh produce, to the extent of what’s left so it doesn’t perish, and other perishables, and they are taking their time, as I would expect.”

Wal-Mart is currently taking their time to assess the damages. If there is any produce left that can still be salvaged, they plan on offering up donations to local folks in need. Lightfoot expects them to thoughtfully consider her proposals but she acknowledges the possibility that they may still decide to leave. We would not blame them in the slightest.

Minneapolis businesses must now make the same type of considerations. Their concerns are compounded by the fact that the city is in the process of disbanding their police force. A manufacturing company that has been in Minneapolis since 1987 has already decided to take off. The owner of the company claims that they can no longer trust public officials to do the right thing, in the wake of the rioting.

If business owners have reason to believe that local officials do not have their best interests at heart, what is their motivation to stay in the cities that are essentially rejecting their concerns out of hand? Once these cities drive away all of their tax revenue, where is the money going to come from? These are questions that no one on the left is willing to answer. They do not have a good reply.

They simply say what sounds good in the moment. When cities are starting to crumble because they do not have access to the same tax revenues, the same leftists will be crying foul because their taxes have been raised. The cities that have been damaged by the riots are going to be carrying their scars for some time.

The same leaders who were willing to turn a blind eye to the destruction were not willing to think it through. Standing with the protesters probably seemed like a great idea in the moment. However, cities are now going to be forced to placate the business owners that they have been ignoring over the past few weeks. Tough decisions need to be made but the snowball has already started rolling downhill.

There is nothing that can be done to reverse what has already taken place. All city officials can do now is try their best to rally around the business owners that are now threatening to leave. They need to take a moment to place themselves in the shoes of the business owners. These folks have already lost so much and now they are being told that they are going to have to shell out for their own security going forward.

Violence that is sponsored by the state should be cleaned up by the state. Either way, it is going to be fun to watch these officials start to backpedal and beg companies to stay. They are going to be talking out of both sides of their mouths and we’ll get to see who is willing to fall for their rhetoric.


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