Leftwing Trying to Capitalize on Coronavirus to Advance Their Anti-Trump Agenda

Leftwing Trying to Capitalize on Coronavirus to Advance Their Anti-Trump Agenda

The liberals will never miss a beat when it comes to advancing their anti-Trump agenda. If you thought that they would pass up the chance to use the coronavirus to squawk about Trump for the 1000th time, you thought wrong. They believe that they can “capitalize” on the coronavirus in this way and we wish that we were surprised.

Now, these liberal groups are taking to the airwaves and looking to let people know about the Trump administration’s supposed failings. These advertising efforts are designed to let the rest of the country know where they stand. Arabella Advisors is the left-wing organization that is funding at least two of these advertising campaigns.

These campaigns aim to turn the pandemic into a political discussion. Politicizing a pandemic is the last thing that anyone needs to be worried about a time like this but we digress. If the left wasn’t trying to turn this into a political discussion, they would simply be doing the same thing with whatever else is going on.

They were trying their best to turn the election into a Bernie Sanders debate but that seems like forever ago now. The coronavirus pandemic has sucked the air out of the room completely, leaving no room to talk about anything else that is taking place. The aforementioned organization is only looking to take advantage during a crisis period and we wish that the left could take notice.

The left-wing does not even know when they are being conned. Millions of Americans are in the process of trying to figure out where their next paycheck is going to come from. They do not know when they are going to go back to work. This is not the time to be feeding into the fear-mongering that is already taking space in liberal media spaces.

The American people need answers. Instead, the left would rather play the blame game. We are unsure as to how much has been spent to attack President Trump by these types of organizations. However, we are sure about one thing: this is money that could have been better spent anywhere else. Why don’t these left-wing “activists” use their funding to actually help people?

That would be too simple, wouldn’t it? According to the polls that have been taken by ABC News/Ispos, Trump has a positive approval rating. 55 percent of the Americans who were polled said that they were in favor of the way that he handled the coronavirus. On the other hand, 43 percent decided to register their disapproval.

Arabella Advisors likes to present themselves as a philanthropic firm but spending money to attack a president with a high approval rating does not seem very helpful. Two of their non-profit organizations under their umbrella are dedicated entirely to progressive causes. Pacronym’s $5 million ad campaign that is dedicated to the tearing down of Trump?

You guessed it, they are affiliated with Arabella Advisors. They have a close association with Acronym and they are funded by the New Venture Fund. New Venture Fund is sponsored by Arabella Advisors. The CEO and founder of Acronym, Tara McGowan, even worked on the re-election campaign for Barack Obama.

This is not the time for smear campaigns. It is time to come together. The coronavirus outbreak blame game has reached an all-time high and the left is leading the way. Meanwhile, Arabella Advisors is looking to project a more mainstream image to their followers on Twitter. They are out here throwing the rocks and hiding their hands.

Adam Laxalt is one of the more outspoken critics of this recent activity. As the former Nevada Attorney General, he is uniquely qualified to offer perspective on this crisis. While he has said that he understands that everything is going to be politicized in the current climate, he is urging people not to do when it comes to COVID-19.

This is a time for Americans to come together and unite. The time for political battles is over. President Trump is the leader who is going to see the nation through the crisis, whether the left likes it or not. They cannot make the mistake of making this crisis about their needs.

Can the left wait at least six to eight weeks before they decide to turn the crisis into a political battlefield? We know that this is a lot to ask from them. They are entirely too used to whining about everything that does not go their way. The American public must be willing to come together and put aside their political differences if we are going to make it through.


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