Liberal Activist Comes for Larry Elder and the Democratic Party is Utterly Silent

Remember when we, as a country, were at least respectful when there was a difference of opinion? That seems to have changed over the past year or so. Liberals feel as though they can do whatever they want, no matter how offensive it might be.

Larry Elder, the Republican candidate for the gubernatorial recall election, was campaigning in Venice, California. Elder attempted to visit a homeless encampment in Venice Beach when a woman in a gorilla mask approached him and threw an egg at him.

Additionally, the woman threw a punch at one of the bodyguards Elder had around him.

The egg narrowly missed the candidate’s head. As the situation got worse, Elder was quickly escorted into an SUV.

There’s no positive way to spin a woman in a gorilla mask harassing a black man who is running for governor. It was easy to see what the woman was trying to say as it was less than subtle.

If Elder were a Democrat, the media would have spun it that the woman in the gorilla mask was clearly a) a Republican and b) a White Supremacist. However, Elder is a Republican.

Well, this certainly is going to put a new spin on things. Could it be that even Democrats are racist and capable of being white supremacists? It seems that could certainly be the case since the woman who accosted the candidate was clearly trying to send a message.

If Elder were a Democrat and this woman was a Republican, every other Republican would be apologizing and distancing themselves from the situation.

However, we know that is not the case.

The media wants to simply explain that this woman is either mentally ill or a drug addict…or perhaps both. They’re not going to address the issue at all. Progressives are silent about what happened rather than apologizing or even distancing themselves.

So, what if a black member of the GOP was accosted? He shouldn’t have been running as a Republican anyway, right? After all, President Biden once said that if you don’t vote for him, you’re not black.

Are we to assume that black lives don’t matter if they’re not a member of the Democratic Party?

What happened to Elder while he was visiting Venice is unacceptable. It wasn’t just one random woman in a gorilla mask – it was an entire group of left-wing protesters. They chose violence over any other form of self-expression. Yet, somehow, that is considered acceptable.

The liberals are continuously turning violent – and it’s being accepted.

No one’s going to investigate this. Why? Because Larry Elder is not a liberal. Only liberal blacks are allowed to be offended. It’s why 15 FBI agents showed up to look at Bubba Wallace’s garage pulley when he yelled that it was a noose. Yet, since Larry Elder is a Republican, this entire issue will be ignored.

After all, Larry Elder was identified by the LA Times as the “black face of white supremacy.”

Apparently, because he’s not a bleeding-heart liberal, he’s getting what’s coming to him.

Racism is alive and well in the streets of LA as well as in the hearts of every liberal politician. They just don’t admit it because they’re allowed to do what they want while we have to suffer the consequences.


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