Liberal Idiots: Reporter Asks Trump Why He Doesn’t Shut Down Grocery Stores

Liberal Idiots: Reporter Asks Trump Why He Doesn’t Shut Down Grocery Stores

The mainstream media is causing all sorts of issues right now. They are not offering up any sort of information that the American people can use. Instead, they are using the pandemic as an excuse to take their shots at President Trump and we are beyond tired of seeing it. There’s no reason for the sort of questions that he has been fielding.

When Trump held his latest coronavirus press conference on Sunday, one reporter decided to see how far they could push the limits of leftist stupidity. The president was asked why he would continue to let fast food joints or grocery stores stay open. The reporter seems to believe that these establishments need to be shut down on a temporary basis to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

What this reporter does not realize is that these establishments need to be open. How are Americans supposed to eat if they cannot visit the local grocery store or fast food establishment? Americans do not have the resources to shop for weeks in advance, especially those who are still waiting for their stimulus checks and unemployment benefits.

Apparently, we won’t be able to contract the coronavirus if we all end up starving to death. Grocery stores are definitely an essential business and to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that we have heard about someone wishing that they would close. They are a vital aspect of our society at the moment and we are not sure what he would do without them.

This hack reporter should have probably thought twice before saying something this ridiculous but that’s not how these things tend to work. Reporters like this one are merely looking for the “gotcha” moment and do not care if they are being the least bit logical. Some of these reporters make us wonder how they were able to even receive credentials in the first place.

These reporters have been allowed to think that they are intelligent because their self esteem has been boosted by their organizations. It’s clear to see that these organizations need to be engaging in a bit more vetting, if this is what they are allowing into the White House.

Excuse us for thinking that only the best and brightest should be given the chance to offer up their questions. There is a global pandemic taking place and time is of the essence. Why should we waste a single minute on questions that are being asked in a moronic manner? These questions should be focused on things that we actually need to know.

It does not take a fancy journalism degree to know why grocery stores and fast food restaurants need to stay open. These are the most essential businesses that the nation has. Without them, Americans are left to starve and this is not something that any reporter should want.

Questions like these are proof that a college education is not the be all end all. White House reporters who are asking these sorts of questions have received the best education that money can buy. That does not stop them from continuing to ask the kind of questions that even a small child would turn their nose up at.

This is why American mistrust of the mainstream media is at an all time high. During recent polls, the approval rating for the mainstream media is even lower than expected. While there are a wide range of people who are out here criticizing Trump these days, they cannot even match his approval rating. These are the stats that should be shared with the American public, instead of these nonsensical questions.

If Trump had snapped back at this reporter, he would have been accused of lacking class. He has been doing a better job of not allowing himself to be led into controversies. No one wants to see the leader of the free world arguing with reporters during a time like this. Viewers who tune into these press conferences are not going to be impressed by a reporter’s ability to ask the silliest questions humanly possible.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets continue to send these people to ask the worst questions and the American people are not getting the information they need. A global pandemic does not need to be politicized in any way, shape or form. Grocery stores and fast food establishments are going to have to stay open for the foreseeable future. Any reporter who is asking these sorts of questions is either being dumb, facetious or both.


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