Liberals Learn that Defunding the Police Increases Crime Rates

Liberals in Minnesota have just come to a shocking realization. Defunding the police increases crime rates.

Anyone with even a bit of common sense could have told them this, but they wouldn’t have listened. Instead, they were content to risk the lives of innocent people in order to run their social experiment.

Jacob Frey, Minneapolis’ governor, has wanted to partner up with Black Lives Matter. He’s wanted to support everything they do, even as they tear apart his city. Yet, he’s also wanted to distance himself from their cries to defund the police department.

While in the middle of a hostile crowd that he was trying to play to, Frey actually stood up to them and said that he wouldn’t be defunding the police department. He was booed – and that’s when he decided to create an alternative.

Frey wouldn’t defund the police but he would put rules on them that would severely limit their ability to get the job done.

Restraining orders were thrust onto the Minneapolis PD. Further, they would have to get their chief’s authorization before using tear gas and other crowd-control weapons.

Combine this with city council members openly working to dismantle the Minneapolis police department, it was obvious that the city was headed down a faulty path.

Even the cries of defunding the police have caused the city to struggle with its identity. Rather than putting a damper on the whole thing, they encouraged the ideas. They tried to negotiate.

What they found was that there’s no way to negotiate with the cries to defund. Either end it all or give in.

Since they didn’t end the calls for defunding, they’ve left the door open for the Minneapolis PD to be greatly hindered. And the surge in crime is a direct result.

Just this past Sunday, seven people were killed.

Both Mayor Frey along with Pastor Dale Hume agreed that defunding the police was a bad idea. If anything, when there are organizations that are violently protesting in the streets, the police presence needs to be enhanced.

Frey spoke to a group saying, “The violence needs to stop, it’s unacceptable.” Of course, this is what the Republicans have been saying all along. He’s now come to terms that the perpetrators need to be held accountable.

As for the mayor’s new plan? Well, he’s certainly not looking to honor the Black Lives Matter movement’s calls to defund the police anymore. “It’s going to take a very comprehensive effort. Yes, it includes safety beyond policing, and it includes police.”

He’s acknowledged that he’s working closely with Police Chief Arradondo and is encouraging the council members to do the same.

He has finally found his voice among the cries to defund. He’s not going to allow Black Lives Matter to dictate what happens in the city any longer because he has seen the violence and crime escalate to unacceptable levels.

Frey has said that making “big, overarching statements” about abolishing and dismantling the police can have a dangerous impact. He still believes that there needs to be changes in the police department. However, now he is focused on where the real changes need to happen – accountability and a culture shift within the department.

All of the protesters need to pay close attention to what has happened in Minneapolis. The mayor has decided that while black lives matter, the police matter, too. The mayor isn’t going to be bullied. Especially when crime is going up, a city can’t afford to defund the police or abolish the police department. Frey says it clearly: “We need police.”

The protesters will not be appeased. To do so would be to put every citizen in danger because the protesters don’t want peace. They want to abolish the police so that they can simply run rampant through the cities.

It took liberals a while to figure this out. Now that there’s some understanding, perhaps it can spread to other liberal cities.


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