Liberals Warned Not to Vote the Way They Did in the Past as New Law Roles Out

People are sick and tired of the liberal left, ruining life for everyone. They move into Republican-controlled states and start demanding things be changed just for them. Their selfish inclination that the world should bow before their feet is enough to wish them all out of the country.

The flood of blue that is hitting Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, is proof enough that they want to change everything to meet their demands. These people have left California because of the socialism that Gavin Newsom is living with. They certainly do not learn their lesson as they want to begin their downward slide to social again in a new location.

The old path of fleeing what one hates just to wreck a new location is the moving motto of the liberal. They just cannot accept that freedom is the trademark of the United States. For some twisted reason, they believe that they must tear everything down to their lower level.

Florida is not immune from the effects of liberal cancer. And yet, Grady Judd is the sheriff in Polk County. And he has the message that all liberals better listen to and obey. The bill that Ron DeSantis developed really penalizes violent protests in the state of Florida. He signed it into law, and now liberals seeking to beat up Floridians are going to face severe penalties.

The new law is called the Combating Public Disorder Act. DeSantis mentioned that “If you look at the breadth of this particular piece of legislation, it is the strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement piece of legislation in the country. There’s just nothing even close.”

He also stated that “In Florida, we are taking an unapologetic stand for the rule of law and public safety.  We are holding those who incite violence in our communities accountable, supporting our law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to keep us safe and protecting Floridians from the chaos of mob violence.”

Safety and security are what leading a state or country are all about. He noted that “We’re also putting an end to the bullying and intimidation tactics of the radical left by criminalizing doxing and requiring restitution for damaging memorials and monuments by rioters.” DeSantis and other Republican governors know how to serve, unlike the liberals that seek to steal from the people.

This kind of action is what a true governor is supposed to do for their state. They support law enforcement officers and seek to support the men and women that serve in the military.

Sheriff Grady had also come and gave the facts that “We’re a special place, and there are millions and millions of people who like to come here. And, quite frankly, we like to have them here. There’s a reason that this place is fun. There’s a reason why we have a 49-year-low crime rate.”

Grady was also clear that the liberals believe that such a bill is unnecessary. But he pointed out that when such laws are not enforced, riots break out, and people become victims. He noted very clearly that “[T]he same people that don’t think we should have an anti-rioting bill or a rioting bill are the same ones that think we ought to let more people out of prison. And where they’re doing that — as the governor and our speakers have alluded to — crime goes up. But it’s not just crime that goes up; victimization goes up.”

People come to Florida to escape the pressures of living in a Democrats world. There is not one person in Florida that wants to see the state become the next California. Many migrants that live in the state came from countries that were once socialist based, and they vote Republican because they see the dangers that the Democrats represent.

Grady also warned liberals that “We’ve got a new law, and we’re going to use it if you make us. We’re going to protect the people. No longer will people walk up and surround you as a citizen of Florida or a visitor of Florida, surround you while you’re eating dinner at an outdoor cafe in a big mob without there being immediate consequences and arrest. It’s not acceptable.”

He came out and told the nutty liberals not to vote the way they did in their previous states. It is time for them to grow up and start being free.


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