Life is Hard…Universities Hand Out ‘A’ Grades Like Candy

COVID-19 has not made life easy. However, students have to learn to succeed in the face of difficulty.

The only thing that liberals are accomplishing throughout the pandemic is to prove that there’s help when life gets hard.

You lost your job? Here’s unemployment.

You’re broke? Here’s a stimulus check.

You’re not getting good grades? Here’s an ‘A.’

Universities have decided that they’re going to “help” their students. At the University of Pittsburgh, they’ve decided that it’s easier to show students that they don’t have to work hard to get what they want. Instead, they’ll just hand out better grades.

Students were recently emailed to say that those who are missing or not completing assignments will still be able to pass their classes. What? This is the most amazing free pass ever given to a college student. Who needs to attend lectures when the grade is still a passing one?

A ‘G’ used to be given for non-completed assignments. Eventually, if a student didn’t turn in the work, the ‘G’ would change to an ‘NG’ for No Grade.

Well, the university has decided to change things up. Ilia Murtazashvili, an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh explains that “You need to recognize that what constitutes ‘A’ work in the pandemic is different from what constitutes ‘A’ work in normal times.”

Students will get the grade that they would have gotten in class. Teachers will just pretend as if those assignments had never even been assigned. This means that if a student has done 100% of the work, even in a lackluster way, an ‘A’ is a possibility. Those who only did 80% of the work could still end up with a B.

This is a completely unrealistic way to prepare students for entering the workforce. There are no free passes at work when you don’t do your work. Instead, they’ll be faced with a pink slip that says that they’re out of a job.

It doesn’t matter whether there’s been a pandemic or not. Students are still capable of learning. They have books, online study groups, and plenty more. It simply takes effort. Yet, schools don’t even want to ask for that effort to be given. It’s easier for them to hand out the grades and move people through.

Soon, students will be graduating with degrees that they haven’t earned. Entire lessons haven’t been covered, yet students get to pretend as though they attended them and passed them.

Who cares, right? It’s only the fate of our country. Marketers, lawyers, doctors, businessmen – they’ll all be walking around with degrees that were passed out during COVID-19. Every time we have a bad experience, we’ll ask them if they were part of the class of 2021 – and then we’ll know the truth.

And to think that there could have been a way to prevent all of this.

Oh, right. In-class learning. That’s certainly the best way for kids to learn – whether it’s elementary school, high school, or college.

Rob Schneider, actor and comedian, managed to hit the nail on the head with a comment – school closings are “a new kind of child abuse.”

While there are certainly kids who would rather avoid going to school and plenty of college students who will happily accept an ‘A’ that they didn’t earn, it’s a form of abuse. If there’s going to be an education, then work has to be done. Students of all ages have to actually learn from the experience.

Not entering the classrooms is hurting the education being received. And, particularly for younger students, it can leave them vulnerable to problems at home – child abandonment, malnutrition, and more. Services are available at school for children who have issues – and without the schools being open, children are simply left to be the product of a broken system.

Liberals have failed school systems all across the country – and now with handing out grades that aren’t earned, they’re raising an entire generation of failures.


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