Look What Trump Has Done to the Economy

Look What Trump Has Done to the Economy

The delirious Democrats will never admit that the wonderful President Trump is responsible for the 224,000 jobs that have been added to the workforce. This is none other than outright proof that the president’s policies are working and emboldening the durability of the economy. Even the Federal Reserve was pondering the thought of cutting interest rates because they believed that Trump’s policies would end and the market would crash. Boy were the Democrats and the Treasury wrong.

224,00 new jobs mean even more people are employed than ever. There are so many jobs available right now that companies are having to get creative to just attract people to apply. The stock markets are at all-time highs. Even with the threat of a trade war, the economy continues to boom. This has never happened in the history of America where things have grown so well that it has outpaced every skeptic’s thoughts.

Because of the president’s focus on the economy, the month of may alone saw 72,000 new jobs added. June followed with a whopping 171,000 new jobs being added. This amount of growth shows that business owners and investors are not believing the skeptics that are reporting that the economy is weakening. All factors are showing the exact opposite of the liberal reporters President Trump’s ways are paying off and it is awesome to a part of history in the making.

Every economy has some kind of drag that seeks to hold growth back. But the American economy is booming and there seems to be nothing that can slow it down. Amazingly people have started to reenter the workforce that increased the unemployment rate to 3.7 percent. Hourly wages have also increased by 3.1 percent as a result of all the new jobs and competition. People are taking notice and are taking advantage of the growth.

President Trump wants the Federal Reserve to cut rates even when growth is taking place. Let the economy grow so people can find a stable foundation financially. The freaky Federal Reserve wants to raise rates like they did four times last year. They fear that massive inflation is going to happen just because the economy is growing.

Just about every sector saw jobs added. Construction jobs are at an all-time high as well as manufacturing jobs. People are looking for jobs and the companies are looking for the best fit. There really are not enough workers to go around right now. The largest sector that saw jobs added was the governmental sector. Many jobs were added at the local level because they need help.

Companies are facing a worker shortage at this point. One official has stated that “We could hire 1,000 more employees today — if they were available.” Even with such prosperity, there are still those that are going to doubt. Some officials are still worried about inflation and rate hikes as the economy still continues to perform well. These skeptics need to look past the worry and focus on the gain.

Employers are adding jobs faster than the workers are becoming available. This means that unemployment is going to stay at its lowest level in over 50 years. This kind of level will continue to produce long into the future. The drooling Democrats want to take the credit for it all even it means they have to point back to Obama to do it.

Some have started saying that the success of the president is only because of what Obama started. Former President Obama is the cause for the decline of the economy that President Trump had to deal with in his first year in office. If President Trump had not taken office when he did, then America and the rest of the world would have had to go through another serious depression period.

President Trump continues to make this country prosperous and great or all people that call it their home. He has lived up to his campaign promises and continues to deliver on them. President Trump has saved this country from destruction at the hands of the Democrats because he stood up to them and beat them in the 2016 election. Something he will do again in the 2020 election.


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