Look What Would Have Happened If Liberals Controlled Gun Laws

Look What Would Have Happened If Liberals Controlled Gun Laws

At a home in Houston, TX looked like the scene from the aftermath of the shooting behind the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona last week when a 20-year-old was in his home, and five men went to rob him at gunpoint.

Police stated “dozens of shots were fired,” and a witness stated, “I went outside when I heard the shots to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I saw the two guys in front of the home, on the ground. I heard five or six gunshots. I’m pretty sure there were more before that.”

The homeowner came out unharmed thanks to his AK-47 which he used to defend himself.

Two of the suspects were injured in the gunfire, and three were found dead in and around the scene.

One was found dead in the back seat of the getaway car which wrecked a few blocks away from the scene. Two were found dead in the yard. The two which were injured was sent to the hospital for medical care and incarcerated afterward.

The homeowner was highly commended when he told the officers what happened.

He was in his home when two of the men went inside and demanded he handed over his money.

It was at this moment he realized this was not a prank but the real deal. He remained calm throughout the entire incident and complied with their request.

When he went to the couch, he made them believe he was going to get the money but instead came up firing the AK-47 hitting both men.

There was return fire from outside the home when he fired back and shot the other three men outside from the inside his home. As the criminals left, they were still shooting when he pursued them outside the home.

Police believe what saved the man’s life was his composure, compliance, skill, marksmanship, and the fact he used an AK-47.

Police stated there was no contraband at the homeowner’s house and there will be no charges filed.

There were seven key factors in this incident which is covered in a book written by Jeff Cooper called “Principles of Personal Defense” that saved this man’s life.

Coolness, alertness, decisiveness, speed, aggressiveness, ruthlessness, and surprise.

The only factor which the homeowner did not have in the beginning, he was not alert. He thought it was a prank.

We live in a world where it is sad to say, even in our homes we have to stay alert. At least his marksmanship and skill, along with the other six factors saved him in a terrible situation.

Hearing this story from last week made me realize the types of guns the legislatures want to ban are the semi-automatics and the assault rifles.

We can take this story and apply it to what would happen if this homeowner did not own a gun or did not have the AK-47.

Obviously, if he didn’t have a gun, he would be out of money and jewelry, and even his life because he would have had no protection at all.

This is the goal of Liberals and the Left. The criminals will never run out of guns or ammunition, and The Second Amendment protects us in our homes for such cases.

We have the right to protect our home, property, families, and our own lives.

Now let us look at the AK-47 scenario.

Five guys against one. The news report stated as per ABC 13 Houston, this was not a random act. The homeowner and the criminals knew each other personally, and they knew the homeowner had jewelry and money inside the home.

They came in with lethal force and got the surprise of their lives. Just a six-shooter or shotgun being used, the news report would have been different.

It would have stated the homeowner would have been shot and killed in a home robbery with only one or two out of the five being shot.

Even the family of the victims who were shot and killed stated they would have done the same thing. It is plain self-defense.

The ratio from the good and bad sides, along with the number of shots fired is like the story from the Wild West.

At the OK Corral, the good was outnumbered five to four. The only difference is the AK-47 stood its ground inside the Houston residence.

In Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881, the good guys used six-shooters and shotguns and came out injured and could have easily been killed.


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