Mail-In Voting Fraud Charges Piling Up, While Dems Push for More Mail-In Voting

Mail-In Voting Fraud Charges Piling Up, While Dems Push for More Mail-In Voting

While there are many people who live to point out Trump’s erroneous statements, he does not always receive the necessary credit when he is right. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to push the mail-in voting agenda. Of course, Trump was one of the first to say that this was a bad idea. He believes it will lead to widespread voter fraud.

Now that a criminal charge has been announced against a rural mail carrier in West Virginia, it is time for the naysayers to admit that Trump was correct. West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey made the announcement about the charges, in conjunction with Secretary of State Mac Warner and United States Attorney Bill Powell.

This case is related to absentee ballot requests that are being made. As for President Trump, he is already on record. He claimed that the Democrats would be willing to use the COVID-19 outbreak to rig the election in their favor. The mail-in voting initiative makes it much easier for fraudsters to do their nasty business.

It should have been obvious to everyone but you already know that Trump was treated like a liar for stating the facts. Twitter did not want to believe what he had to say on the matter, either. They tacked on a needless fact-checking mechanism as if that was going to save them from some sort of onslaught that was never going to arrive.

The Twitter “fact-checkers” are not actually trying to help anyone out. Where do you think they are sending folks? Washington Post and CNN, of course. These outlets are not in the business of telling the truth. They just want to make the president look bad. Thomas Cooper is the mail carrier who has been charged with the crime and his attempts at defrauding his fellow citizens need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

West Virginia’s Attorney General has added some further background about the fraud. According to the state’s AG, Cooper is responsible for the fraudulent alteration of at least 8 different ballot requests. The party affiliations on these ballots were changed over to Republican. The worries that Trump had about voter fraud definitely go both ways.

Both parties have their share of supporters who are willing to put their thumbs on the scale. If state governments are not vigilant about the matter, we shudder to think of what is going to happen next. What are the individual states going to do when the integrity of their voting systems are compromised? Any voting method that increases the opportunity for fraud should be analyzed more closely before being implemented.

This also makes us wonder how widespread this practice is. We highly doubt that this mail carrier was acting alone. He may not have been a part of some major mail fraud operation but we are sure that these types of scams are more common than most realize. West Virginia cannot be the only state that is experiencing this type of fraud and we hope other states are working tirelessly to put a stop to it.

If Trump were to come out now and congratulate himself on being right about this, no one would want to see the larger point. Mail-in voting is only going to set the table for lots and lots of fraud. It does not matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. All it takes is one rogue mailman to forever alter an election.

In-person voting is fraught with danger and there are certain considerations that need to be made. No one should be risking their lives just to cast a ballot in person. On the other hand, mail-in voting is creating opportunities for voter fraud to run rampant. It’s going to be a very tough needle for our nation to thread and thankfully, we have a few months to figure things out.


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