Male Is Male and Female Is Female and Biden Cannot Change That Truth

The age-old question of can women does everything that men can do has an obvious answer. They cannot do everything men can do, and men certainly cannot do the things that women can do. To insist that the answer is any other is not to understand the science behind genetics and design. Men and women are made differently because when they come together, they make a complete whole. And there is nothing that Joe Biden can say that will ever change that truth.

There are those that will try and defy normality and want to try and be something that they are not. They will shoot their bodies full of the opposite sex hormone type hoping that it will change them into the opposite sex. But all it does is screw up their minds and twists their bodies into a messed-up stew pot.

These messed-up people will then try and wear the clothing of the opposite sex and even demand that they be allowed to use the other restrooms. The Democrats think this is a great idea, but in the end, the man that uses the women’s bathroom soon finds that his male hormones are surging as he lustfully desires to attack the women that he is beholding for the first time.

The sad part is that there are very few women that have tried to change their identity. They just know that they can never be something different than the way they were created. No women will ever try and push their way into playing for the National Football League because their bodies would never survive being hit by a 500-pound seven-foot-tall man. They would have a better chance of tackling a bus and surviving.

The new woke movement pushes people to believe that men should be allowed to play on women’s sports teams and women on men’s teams. And what is being discovered is that the men dominate, and the women are being destroyed. Because there is a vast difference between men and women no matter how much hormonal syrup they cram into their bodies.

The Democratic Party and Joe Biden would have people think that there is nothing to worry about. They lead people to think that surgical procedures can level the playing field, but that is just a lie.

There is nothing that is going to change the skeletal structure of a man trying to act like a woman. He will always be more prominent and very much more robust than real women around him. They will always be faster than the female counterparts because they are designed differently. But the liberals will never tell that side of the story.

They would instead print children’s books telling the boys that they are weaker than the girls and that the girls can beat them at everything because they are the same. Boys and girls are not the same, and when recess comes around, the boys are going to show the liberals just how wrong they are. But of course, the girls will be on the sideline cheering the boys on because they know that there is a difference.

Women are also naturally different in that they are built to have kids. And no matter what a man does to his body to make it look more girly will never be able to bear children. Men will always have a denser bone mass than girls. They will always be able to jump higher and sprint faster.

Men have no business playing in female sports simply because their genetic makeup gives them a hormonal advantage. And no amount of estrogen will ever change that testosterone advantage that lurks beneath the surface.

No amount of Joe Biden will make a man more girly. And no amount of Kamala Harris will make girls more manly. There is just too much difference because men and women have been created uniquely for purposes that complete the other half.

Joe Biden may let girly men use the women’s restroom, but that will never make the man a girl. And what is intriguing is that zero women are fighting to use the men’s restrooms. The men seek to savagely attack women trying to get into the one place where a woman can go to escape the testosterone phenomena that stalks around them.


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