McConnell’s Stern Warning to Outside Interference

McConnell’s Stern Warning to Outside Interference

Many nations would love to rig and meddle in the American election process. As more and more information is unearthed regarding the dumb Democrats and their illegal and treasonous involvement with these meddling nations it becomes clear that the entire party is out to destroy the nation. The Russians worked with Hillary Clinton to try to dig up dirt on President Trump. China always worked with anyone in leadership to rig trade agreements. So it does not stand to reason that there are those in America that are going to fight against these actions.

Mitch McConnell has issued a strong and decisive warning to any nation and person that would try to meddle in the 2020 election. He has threatened those nations that they would “have a serious problem” that they would have to face upon their discovery. The people of America are tired of rogue nations involving themselves in internal affairs. McConnell’s statement has teeth and there will be consequences for people or nations that would put their noses in American business.

He went on to give President Trump credit for keeping 2018 a fair election. He made mention that the president took great effort to put into place security barriers to keep the elections fair. He went on to say that “I’m convinced we’re ready for 2020. Any foreign country that messes with us is going to have a serious problem in return.” His statements are made with force as they should be.

Too many nations have an agenda and would love to see their selection of leaders put in charge of the United States, so they can have an advantage moving forward. McConnell and the rest of the Republicans are tired of seeing nations around the world working in connection with the Democrats in an attempt to overthrow the election process. McConnell has pushed his supporters to approve $250 million in aid to help make the election process fair and secure.

This money would be used to keep outsiders from having any type of influence in future elections. Many of his critics are protesting his words and his actions. They are the ones that would love to see rigged elections and rigged outcomes. His critics are the ones that have nothing to lose when an election takes place because they have made deals with foreign governments that they would stand to benefit from if certain people would win in 2020.

One such foreign mess comes to light as Biden is running in 2020 for the president’s office. He has had many illegal dealings with this corrupt government to the point that he has done things that would allow this corruption to influence elections. President Trump has asked for Biden to be investigated and exposed for the fraud he is. Of course, the dumb Democrats are protesting this and trying to stop it before it begins because they know they will once again be exposed as a fraudulent party.

The Democrats have and will continue to fall into the hands of nations and people that would love to harm America. They have always tried to undermine and destroy those that stand in their way as proven by their behavior towards President Trump. The president has gone out of his way to make America great and a fair place to live. He has fortified the election process to ensure fair elections around the nation.

Mitch McConnell has issued this warning to all so there is no confusion when America comes knocking on the border of a foreign power that meddled in the elections. His critics call him “Moscow Mitch” which is a name that should give him honor because he is taking a stand to protect the nation from those that would seek to harm it. McConnell is a man that works well with President Trump and at the same time seeks to protect the people of the United States. His warnings need to be taken to heart as he is also a man that acts on his words.


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