Media Mindedness Stuck in Reverse as They Come to Grips That Donald Trump Beat Them Down

The Republican Party is a force that stands for freedom and supporting what is right within the United States. The liberal media hates that truth with a passion. And whenever a person comes along, that is willing to do the right thing; they want to destroy them. But there is one person that has messed with them so much that they cannot let him go.

Donald Trump messed with the media so much that they are fixed on him even after he has left office. They go to bed thinking about him and wake up with new ways of trying to harm him. But now that he is out of office, they are having a hard time finding ways to blast him.

The media has his image forever ingrained in their heads. They are morally and physically obsessed with him. He defines their existence.

The New York Times tried to pave the way with a new line of attack and ended up looking foolish. They published a piece that read, “Over 100 Republicans, including former officials, threaten to split from G.O.P.” The story sounds important except that there is nothing in it that is true.

It is another attempt by the maniac media to invent fake news. Miles Taylor is the organizer of the effort to destroy Donald Trump. He stated that “This is us saying that a group of more than 100 prominent Republicans think that the situation has gotten so dire with the Republican Party that it is now time to seriously consider whether an alternative might be the only option.”

Taylor is the man that wrote a book trashing Trump. He was so scared when he wrote the book that he only now revealed his name to the public.

The problem with the fake news is that it does not reveal who these people are that want to take a walk from the Republican Party. If these people are ready to leave and form a new party, they would have already taken those steps. The truth is that there is not one person that is ready to take a walk from the party that Americans love.

When Taylor was asked who these people were, he was quick to decline his sources. The point to note here is that when a media outlet refuses to reveal sources is a secret code, meaning they have no such sources.

One report stated that “the former governors Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey will sign it, as will former Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters and former Representatives Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Barbara Comstock of Virginia, Reid Ribble of Wisconsin and Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma.” But none of these people are active, let alone prominent enough to cause any significant issue. No one cares what they believe as a private citizen.

The names that Taylor came up with are old news. There is not one name that means anything to anyone. His attempt to push Trump out of the Republican Party flopped.

He even came out and stated that “I’m still a Republican, but I’m hanging on by the skin of my teeth because how quickly the party has divorced itself from truth and reason. I’m one of those in the group that feels very strongly that if we can’t get the G.O.P. back to a rational party that supports free minds, free markets, and free people, I’m out and a lot of people are coming with me.”

Taylor thinks that the Republican Party has something it is trying to do other than what he stated. But Donald Trump had the country on course to greatness. He was blinded by the lies of the liberals and the insanity of the media that got him to write a piece boasting fake news.

If Taylor is so adamant about leaving with his 100 people, then it is time for them all to go. But the truth is that he stands alone, and the story he wrote and had reported is fake, and there is nothing true about it all. Republicans know if they leave the party, they will never see the light of Washington again because voters will never vote for them.


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