Megan Fox And Her Thoughts On A Vegan School?

Megan Fox And Her Thoughts On A Vegan School?

Hollywood actors tend to be a little “out there” when it comes to their parenting styles. Megan Fox has apparently joined that league by making sure that her kids attend a vegan school. This way, they will have the opportunity to learn just how evolved plants are. According to the Transformer star, plants have thoughts, feelings, and emotions that must be understood.

People magazine published the interview with Megan Fox this month, discussing why she wants her children to go to such a school. She has her children going to an “organic, sustainable, vegan school.” While they’re there, they learn how to plant their food and know what it’s like to go seed-to-table.

All of this sounds like a great idea, letting kids learn more about farming and how to eat organically. She explains how the kids at the school grow the vegetables, harvest it, and even take it to local restaurants to sell it. Fox explains that it allows the kids to understand the full process.

However, it starts to get very weird.

Fox says that she is very “specific” about never causing harm to animals. She doesn’t step on ants or anything like that. She also doesn’t rip flowers out of the ground. She teaches that plants are “sentient beings.” She explains that they have thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Biology class never taught this. There have been plenty of lessons on plants that anyone can remember – there’s concepts of photosynthesis, breathing, and all sorts of other things. However, not a single lesson plan ever covered emotions and feelings. Essentially, she is saying that plants can feel pain when they’re being plucked from the ground.

She may be responsible for producing some of the snowflakes in the world. Due to her hard stance on not killing animals, it can lead to total devastation if a pill bug is squashed in front of them.

She goes on to say that her son stepped on a roly-poly by accident once and that he was devastated. Rather than explaining that it’s a fact of life and animals small and large die, she helped him to have a funeral for it. It wasn’t just any funeral, either. It involved a ceremony, burial, and the lighting of sage.

Fox, who is married to 90210 star Brian Austin Green, identifies that they don’t teach their kids to be themselves. Instead, they focus on learning life lessons from their children.

As for the way that Megan Fox views herself, she sees herself as a feminist. She explains that the problem is that many feminists don’t seem to want to include her in their clubs. Part of this may be because she’s spending her free time holding burial ceremonies for bugs that her kids may accidentally step on.

She doesn’t go into detail about what her reasoning behind going vegan is, especially if she’s teaching that fruits and vegetables have feelings and emotions. One of the reasons that most people use for going vegan is to avoid eating animals – since they are the ones with feelings and emotions. If a carrot can feel itself being cut up, it sounds a lot like the Seth Rogen movie, “Sausage Party” where all of the food in the supermarket had boisterous personalities and didn’t want to be eaten by the shoppers who were placing them in their carts.

More and more schools, particularly in California, are offering a vegan option. One school in Calabasas has decided to go all-vegan, changing the world forever. The school cafeteria has even been named as the “Greenest Restaurant in the World.” This school has chosen not to adhere to the Common Core standards. Instead, children are encouraged to chase their passions. This means that every child who attends will graduate with the knowledge of how to go seed to table – but not necessarily how to perform basic math or how to write an essay.

Megan Fox has seemed quite proud of herself and her husband for being such forward-thinkers and sending her children to a vegan school so that they could get a proper education. Hopefully she and Brian Austin Green make quite a bit of money in Hollywood in the near future so that they can support their children. With being devastated over stepping on a bug and not being required to learn Common Core standards, any real education for these children may be well out of the realms of possibility. But, it’s happening in California so it can’t come as a real surprise for anyone.


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