Mexican Flag Is Raised At Ice Facility And Dems Stay Silent

Mexican Flag Is Raised At Ice Facility And Dems Stay Silent

Protesters decided to demonstrate outside of an ICE facility last week. They chose to pull down the American flag and replace it with the Mexican flag. Prominent Democrats have chosen to stay quiet.

What Has Happened

In Aurora, Colorado, protesters were quite busy. However, crews were able to restore the American flag by Friday evening. Protesters had also removed a “Blue Lives Matter” flag, which was designed to honor law enforcement. Protesters spray-painted it with “Abolish ICE.” The flag was then raised upside down on a pole that was directly next to the Mexican flag.

On Sunday, Fox News decided to ask a Dem candidate what their thoughts were on what happened. Leland Vittert, a reporter from Fox News caught up with former Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper. He dodged the issue entirely, not wanting to say whether the protesters should be condemned or not.

If anyone should feel outraged, it should be him – considering this happened in his home state.

The only thing he was willing to say on record was that he respects the American flag and has fought to ensure that the country welcomes everybody. He also said that the United States is one of the few places where freedom of speech is still protected and now while he doesn’t always approve of it, he wants to recognize that it’s part of the core freedom.

Vittert decided to press Hickenlooper a bit more. She asked him if she thought that ripping the American flag down over the ICE facility and running up the Mexican flag sends the right message and if it’s going to unite us further. Hickenlooper said that there are “better ways to unite us.”

Let’s Ask Everyone

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) feels that every Democrat within the 2020 presidential race should be asked the same question. He wants to know what all of the Democrats think about this in order to determine just how they feel about the open borders policies that many of the radical Dems seem to have.

None of the Dems have come forward to talk about the protest that happened in Colorado. By choosing to say nothing, their silence speaks volumes about their acceptance of what has happened.

It seems that the only ones willing to take a voice on this issue are the Republicans. That should tell you everything, especially because of Trump’s desire to close the borders and prevent illegal immigration from becoming an even bigger problem than it has been in the past few years.

The Colorado Event

The “March to Close Concentration Camps” is what the Colorado protest has been identified on their Facebook page. They are calling for all of the detention centers to be closed at the US-Mexico border and for all immigrants currently being held to be granted entry into the United States.

Such action could cause serious problems throughout the United States, particularly as it requires funding in order to deal with all of the people suddenly “granted” entry. Based on past experience, Republicans don’t want to provide such access because the people granted access will not appear at hearings. They will get lost in the system.

A number of the Democrats for the 2020 primaries are focusing on decriminalizing border crossings. They want to avoid deportation of illegal immigrants currently in the United States, too. This leads to a significant expense due to many of them requiring Medicaid, food stamps, and more. Further, those who are at the US-Mexico border have not been properly vaccinated, potentially bringing in a variety of diseases that have previously been eradicated in the country.

The problem is that many Democrats are completely unaware of what’s happening at the border. They liken the US-Mexico border detention centers to concentration camps. However, most concentration camps, particularly those established by the Nazis, were designed to provide forced labor or provide mass execution. Neither of these is occurring in the United States. The reason that the people are in the detention centers is to clear them for asylum or to return them to their home country.

The Dems Staying Silent is Not Okay

Violence is not the answer. For people to protest by hanging up the Mexican flag, becoming violent, and even setting vehicles on fire is not okay. When the ignorant Dems stay silent, they are choosing to allow this as an answer for what is being done at the border.

Washington governor, Jay Inslee, a Democrat, faulted immigration policies put into place by Trump. However, he also talked about violence and how it is not acceptable. It is unacceptable to turn to violence, yet protesters are doing exactly that.

If the Democrats don’t find a voice against the issues, it’s only going to lead to more violence because they assume that it is the only way to achieve open borders, which, again, is a terrifying thought to even consider.


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