Migrants Get Violent at Guatemala Border

Migrants Get Violent at Guatemala Border

Many of the migrants looking to enter the US clearly don’t realize that violence isn’t going to get them welcomed with open arms.

There have been serious issues with migrants attacking Mexican soldiers at the Guatemalan border, demanding entry across the country and into the US. Hundreds of migrants from throughout Central America are demanding that the Mexican government allow them passage. They are also threatening that if they aren’t allowed to cross at the border, they will go through the river.

The Mexican soldiers have had to stop the migrants that want to enter by the thousands. It’s not solely to protect the US. The migrants are violent, causing issues as they make their way through Mexico. The migrants didn’t ask for admission nor did they try to claim asylum. All they were interested in was using force.

Some of the migrants waded through the Suchiate River while others attacked national guardsmen who tried to drive them back.

A video shared by the Associated Press showed some of the violence, including lobbing boulders at the soldiers. One migrant screamed that if “they don’t let us cross through here” that they will go through the river and “helped by God” to see what the future holds.

This is the mentality of many migrants – the same migrants that Dems want to open borders for. Why on earth would we want to open this kind of violence into our country? These individuals have no desire to claim asylum or to follow any laws. Instead, they want to use violence to get their way. This is the kind of violence that the border wall can look to block, yet Dems don’t want to build the wall. They’d rather allow this kind of violence to enter the country with open arms.

Migrants stood on a bridge between the two countries and read a letter that they publicly addressed to the Mexican President, asking to enter Mexico so that they could proceed northbound to the US border. While the letter was a friendly approach, the rest of it was not – and so the letter was mostly ignored.

The Trump administration has applied a lot of pressure on the Mexican government to stop migrants from entering the US. As such, Mexico has offered work and opportunities. The problem is, the migrants aren’t asking to stay in Mexico and be given work and opportunities. They’re demanding entry immediately into the US – and that’s not how US immigration policies work.

With all of the violence that they’re promising, it’s hard to see why the US would open the borders and willingly allow them to come in. None of them are filling out applications or asking where the end of the line is in order to claim asylum. They’re stating openly that they will use force if necessary – and yet, they don’t expect force to be used to prevent them from entering?

The migrants are delusional, yet the Dems are just as delusional by saying that we should open borders and that we shouldn’t use detention centers. Not only is there a significant amount of violence coming from the migrants – but they also are unvaccinated, bringing diseases into the country that were eradicated decades ago. They apply added financial pressure on the schools, the Welfare system, and more.

Yes, we’re a country of immigration. We were founded by immigrants. However, there are immigration laws in place for a reason – to avoid being overtaken by migrants that want to enter by the thousands on a monthly basis. To allow them all in would mean the collapse of our economy.

These migrants have proven that they’re not peaceful. If they’re this vicious simply to get to the bridge and read a letter meant for the Mexican president, they’re not likely to give hugs and calm their vicious sides as soon as they get into the US. They’re not looking to be law-abiding citizens.

The Mexican soldiers will only be able to hold them for so long. After that, there will be thousands of migrants wreaking havoc across Mexico as they travel north to the US border. There, they will be met with ICE and detention camps as they must face immigration laws before they’re able to enter the US. While the Dems would simply allow them entry, we are still following the Trump administration’s immigration rules – and thankfully, that won’t allow thousands to simply welcome themselves into the country while getting freebies left and right.



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