The Irony: More Liberals Are Calling to End Freedom of Speech

The Irony: More Liberals Are Calling to End Freedom of Speech

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are furious with Trump at the moment and these are always bittersweet moments for the Never Trump Republicans out there. While these two occasionally make decent points, we are not sure why they are the ones who are leading the charge against him right now.

Weren’t they at least partially responsible for helping to legitimize his campaign 5 years ago? It’s like they want everyone to forget what has actually taken place over the past few years. However, some of us do not have goldfish memories and we remember everything that these two had to say about the matter.

Mika is having a really hard time with things. She seems to think that she has the right to muzzle the president when he says things that she does not like. In reality, freedom of speech gives President Trump the right to say anything that he likes about anyone. He does not have to clear it with hysterical analysts that are looking to silence him.

So what is Mika’s issue anyway? As it turns out, her problem with Trump is linked to Joe. He believes that Joe is responsible for the death of one of his own aides. In classic Trump fashion, he has even devised a nickname for him: Psycho Joe. He’s using his Twitter feed to re-litigate this case and of course, Mika is looking to silence him.

Does she realize that she only makes Joe look more guilty when she behaves like this? Sure, Trump may have referred to him as a “nut job” and insinuated that he left Congress quickly because of his guilt but there’s no reason to spend time complaining about a complaint. All this does is signal a certain amount of guilt.

Mika had better watch out before she finds herself being accused, too. Of course, those of us who have paid any attention to the case know that all of this is just window dressing. Trump is only passing along the accusation because he does not like Joe Scarborough and does not care about properly vetting his sources ahead of time.

That’s just not what he does. He shoots from the hip and asks questions later. The aide was not actually murdered, though. At the time of her death, she was struggling with a heart condition. She collapsed one day and died because she hit her head on a desk. We are not sure if Trump even knows this. He may be aware of the facts and still want to stir up trouble anyway.

Joe and Donald fell out years ago and this has more to do with Trump’s latest tweets about the matter than anything else. Once the president is no longer in your corner, he will pass along any bit of information that makes you look bad. No one should be pretending to be surprised about this anymore. It’s the way that he’s always done things.

In Mika’s mind, this has gone beyond a typical Trump dispute. Mika is now going to take the fight directly to Twitter. She is looking to have Trump removed from the platform entirely. Brzezinski spent an entire morning raging about it and she is even going to reach out to Jack Dorsey directly. For those who are unaware, he is the CEO of Twitter.

She is claiming that the world would be a safer place if Trump’s account was taken down. It’s a hard claim to make but that is not going to stop her. Brzezinski went on to cite tweets from the president of Brazil that were deleted from his timeline for being overly misleading. The Trump supporters are already mobilizing to defend their president.

Mika’s being called a “Karen”, among other things. What she does not realize is that she and Joe are not in any sort of danger. Twitter will typically ban those who participate in targeted harassment and they do not want anyone to feel discouraged about participating in the larger dialogue. These multimillionaires still have their TV show and they are not in danger of being silenced for even a second.

A major social media hub like this one should not have to spend their time worrying about what the president has to say on their platform. It’s a silly waste of time. Trump is not the type of president who is going to conduct himself in the usual way. He doesn’t vet his sources and he has no shortage of personal vendettas that he looks to carry out. It remains to be seen as to whether Twitter is actually going to do something about it.


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