MSNBC Blown Away by a ‘Fart’

MSNBC Blown Away by a ‘Fart’

We all knew Democrats were full of hot air, but now they have officially blown it out of both ends.  #Fartgate was the newest trend on Twitter when Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell was speaking on live television during an MSNBC show with Chris Matthews.  He immediately became the butt end of a hysterical joke when he was talking about the impeachment process when he paused for a brief second. Then a fart sound ripped through the microphones.  It was loud and undeniable.  It cut through the sound barrier at the perfect moment to let the world know, somebody needed to check their pants after because it proves Democrats are full of it.

Twitter exploded with jokes as #Fartgate ascended to the top of the trending post on Twitter.  Clips of the precise moment were posted all through Monday night after the incident.  Maybe Congress can deter from the impeachment hearing to find out if Swalwell is a decoy for a whistleblower because he sure blew that whistle up!

Since Democrats are so hard to believe in this day and age, Swalwell denies he let that one slip or more like a rip.  He says he didn’t even hear it, but the Democrat sure paused right before and strained a little bit before letting it go.

After the show aired the interview segment, they blamed the atrocious noise on a “coffee mug scraping across the desk.”  The show host even tried to make money off of the hysterical moment by trying to sell coffee mugs.  Representative Swalwell pulled a Twitter moment out of President Trump’s book, which posted, “TOTAL EXONERATION!”  It continued, “Sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorist.  It was the #hardball mug scraping across the desk.  Get yours today, and let’s get back to the news!…”

Twitter’s post was the funniest and amusing it has been in a long time.  People posted in the replies, “Of all the sounds on Earth, it was the least like a mug on a desk.”  “It sounds like a fart when you drag it across a hard surface, isn’t much of a selling point, frankly.”

CNN’s S.E. Cupp, who is also among the “Fake News,” tweeted as she blamed Matthews and her take on the case of “Who farted?”  Cupp posted, “THREAD: I hate to let the air out of these #fartgate theories, but the inimitable laws of physics clearly point to Chris as the culprit. For one, Swalwell’s mic wouldn’t likely have picked it up in the noisy live shot location.  Second, the fart conveniently manifests when it goes to a one-shot, where Chris is off-camera to let it rip without anyone seeing.  Finally, it was likely acoustically amplified after bouncing off the back of Matthews’ chair.  Unless you’re telling me that thing bounced through the echoey Capitol building, into Swalwell’s lav mic, through control to the main audio, then that is one magic fart. There is also, of course, the possibility that there was a second farter.”

The other accounts on Twitter also took their shot at the tooting canon!  “Sorry, but that’s a phone vibrating on a hard surface.  #Fartgate is a dud.”  The reply was, “No, it’s a fart, don’t ruin this!”  One was hysterical when they posted, “I believe in Eric Swalwell.”  One of the replies on that post was, “I believe in him too!  He toots his own horn!”

Others added to the hype and had responses by the tens of thousands.  “If any of my friends go on camera this week and don’t do a loud fart, you will find yourselves my former friends #fartgate.”  It takes a big man to be the butt of everyone’s #fartgate jokes. Just go with it until it runs out of gas.  Your humor is the wind beneath your cheeks, @RepSwalwell!

One fellow posted what everyone was thinking and called out those who said it was Matthews.  “I get that some of you think Chris Matthews was the farter, but do you really think he has the skill and control to not only drop it perfectly between Swalwell’s words but also choreograph it seamlessly with Swalwell’s body movement?”

This one is the one that can sum up how America feels at this moment in all seriousness.  We all have to laugh even when we want to cry with what we are all witnessing with America right now concerning the impeachment.  “Honestly, we all needed something as ridiculous as #fartgate right about now. You know it’s true.”


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