Mueller Report Reveals Clinton Sex Tape

Mueller Report Reveals Clinton Sex Tape

If you were even remotely politically aware in the late 90s, then you remember an oily Bill Clinton perving on a mildly overweight intern my the name of Monica Lewinsky.

It was not a terrific time for Democrats as it revealed them as disrespecting the office of the President.

But it was an even worse time for Republicans because it made us look like a bunch of hand wringing puritans.

At one point, President Clinton was being interviewed about his relationship with Lewinsky.

He was asked whether Lewinsky’s statement that she had never had sex with the president was a false statement, to which he replied, “It depends on what the meaning of the words ‘is’ is.”

At that moment, Clinton was forever cemented in the minds of reasonable people as a lying pervert.

His tone was wrong. His body language was wrong, and at that moment everyone knew that he was lying. Not only that he was lying, but that he seemed to be proud of it.

It degraded the integrity of the White House, and it degraded the integrity of liberals who publicly decided that they didn’t care.

But the person who really got the short end of the cigar was Lewinsky. She will forever be known as the woman who had an unsavory affair with an indiscreet president.

Well, today, Lewinsky is back in the news because the Washington Examiner is reporting that a redacted portion of the Mueller report mentions a claim that Russian agents recorded a phone sex session between Clinton and Lewinsky.

The article reads;

“Clinton allegedly was recorded by Russia in the 1990s, allowing Russia to learn of the affair before American officials.

A reference to the Clinton intercept was redacted from the Mueller report to protect “personal privacy,” but sources told the Washington Examiner that the context makes clear what was blacked out.

According to the report, Center for the National Interest President Dimitri Simes sent Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner a 2016 email with recommended talking points to counter Hillary Clinton’s Russia attacks.
The email referenced “a well-documented story of highly questionable connections” between Bill Clinton and Russia.

At a meeting in New York, Simes told Kushner the details: Russia allegedly recorded President Clinton on the phone with Lewinsky, opening questions of foreign leverage over the ex-president-turned-potential first spouse.”

Clearly, this has implications far beyond furthering the legend of Bill Clinton’s taste for extramarital sex.

For one thing, it makes it clear that the Clintons have good reason to try to defame Trump as a Russian collaborator- because if the Russians have a recording of a phone sex session featuring President Clinton- imagine how much more they must have.

The statement in the report that brought all of this oozing back to the surface read; “During the August 17 meeting, Simes provided Kushner the Clinton-related information that he had promised. Simes told Kushner that, [redacted]. Simes claimed that he had received this information from former CIA and Reagan White House official Fritz Ermarth, who claimed to have learned it from U.S. intelligence sources, not from Russians.”

This is the part that exonerates Trump and his team.

It shows that Trump’s campaign team did access information that had a Russian source, but they received it from an American.

What’s more, and you’ve probably noticed by now- during the 2016 campaign, Trump never mentioned any Russian recording of Lewinsky and Clinton having naughty talk over an Air Force One phone line.

Why would he? After all, Americans already knew that Clinton was a philanderer.

Liberals especially know it, and especially do not care.

So Trump, being the talented PR strategist that he is, would know that bandying this piece of information about would not move the polling numbers.

The Examiner article continues;

“According to the report, Simes told investigators Kushner appeared to consider the phone-sex story “old news,” as news outlets had long ago reported that Russia had advanced knowledge about Lewinsky. Meanwhile, Kushner told Mueller’s team he did not receive information from Simes that could be “operationalized” and doubted new negative information could be unearthed on the Clintons.”

What’s funny about the release of this information is it reveals the bias of the Mueller team via its selective redactions.

The section that claims- with zero verification- that Trump had a scatological affair with a couple of hookers contained zero redactions.

The false claim was revealed in whole. However, the part about Clinton’s dirty little phone call was partially redacted- obscuring the name of some key player we may never know.

That’s what we call Clinton privilege.


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