Mueller’s Signature Accomplishment Dropped by DOJ

Mueller’s Signature Accomplishment Dropped by DOJ

As everyone already knows, this indictment merely functioned as a form of political theater. No one ever thought that it would make its way into a court of law. The Mueller probe was never a true investigation, at least not in the sense that we are accustomed to. It was merely the end result of a silly political narrative.

As more and more information starts to leak out, the lack of impetus to ever bring this case to trial becomes abundantly clear. There was already a conversation taking place within the Justice Department and it was clear to them that there was no collusion between President Trump and the Russians.

In fact, this conversation took place before Mueller was even appointed. This should let everyone know just how serious this indictment actually was. That’s why the Justice Department has finally circled back around to offer a sheepish clarification in the midst of a major pandemic related scare.

They do not want anyone to actually put two and two together at this time and we understand fully. Why would they ever want the public to know what was truly taking place here? The special counsel’s indictment has now been dropped and we are sure that the Russian companies involved are glad that this is over with.

This is an outcome that many experts predicted, despite the outcry from liberal commentators. In case you are wondering what is going on here, a refresher course can be offered. While the collusion believers thought that they had an open and shut case, the reality of this supposed case was a very simple one.

There was no way for anyone to prove that the Democratic e-mail accounts had actually been hacked in the name of Russian interests. That’s a major fundamental issue that was certainly never going to go anywhere. The indictment was doomed from the start and you did not have to be sitting on the right side of the aisle to see that.

The Democratic e-mail flap also did very little to hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign. How could an indictment be issued when it was impossible to prove any of the allegations that were being made? If there was any evidence to support the claims, the Trump campaign must have been blissfully unaware.

Any prospective president who is looking to win an election is going to use the information at their disposal to their advantage. That’s what makes this story such a funny one. People really wanted to believe that Trump had some sort of ace in the hole that allowed him to take down the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Prosecutors would have needed to be able to prove that Russia did any form of hacking before they could have proceeded any further. Since it was not possible to prove this, the prosecutors would have struggled to find any evidence of Trump’s involvement. On the other hand, we are not about to sit here and act as if Russia is totally innocent in all of this.

They are going to need to be held responsible for what they have done, not what the liberals are trying to pin on them because they cannot handle losing an election. Intelligence agencies do have reason to believe that they are not innocent and that they did attempt to meddle in an American election.

Unfortunately, it is not about what we suspect. It is about what we are able to prove and people tend to lose sight of that. Courtroom due process still have to be considered, even when we are angry at the country that is supposedly involved. We cannot waste all sorts of taxpayer dollars on cases that are not able to be prosecuted because there is a glaring lack of evidence.

A competent defense lawyer would have shredded what little case that they had to ribbons before they even had a chance. This is something that people did not want to think about. The case was never a slam dunk and it is high time that everyone forgot about it and moved on. Team Mueller even decided to dodge all other cases that would have forced them to provide some form of proof.

Everyone should have been able to see the grifters coming from the beginning. Those who have been paying attention and utilize their common sense were not shocked by this outcome. No crime could be charged to Russia because there was no way to successfully prove their level of culpability. Team Mueller just wanted the free publicity that comes with filing an indictment of this nature. No more, no less.


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