Mulvaney Backs Trump on ‘Racist’ Comments

Mulvaney Backs  Trump on ‘Racist’ Comments

Some people can handle constructive criticism, and then there are the snowflakes and the Liberals who think everything spoken in truth is “racist.” That is what happened when President Trump told Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings the truth about the proven statistics about his predominantly African American district of Baltimore, Maryland. The truth was spoken, and President Trump and all who agree with him are “racist.”

Go Figure… Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney breaks it down to CBS’s “Face the Nation,” explaining it is not about “racism.” It is about the truth.

Mulvaney told “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning, “Does the president speak hyperbolically? Absolutely. Have we seen this type of reaction from his before? Yes. And you will again because he pushes back, he fights back when he feels like he’s attacked. I understand that everything that Donald Trump says is offensive to some people.”

As President Trump tweeted on Saturday morning in response to Cummings criticism, the president called Cummings a “brutal bully” over the facilities which holds the immigrants at the border keeping them from going into America illegally. President Trump stated the facilities were “clean” and “well run.”
The president also added about the district Cummings represents, “Cumming [sic] District is a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place.”

Mulvaney went into detail how President Trump was calling out the “lies” from Cummings. It is amazing how when someone defends themselves the way the president does from the uncalled for attacks, the president is the “bad guy” because he defended himself according to the truth. Yes, he uses different language than other presidents, but he gets his point across very clear. It is when the Left takes his rebuttals and uses his own words against him, and the media takes over and blows everything out of proportion.

Mulvaney stated, “Maryland Democrat’s comments were not conducive to a civilized debate about potential solutions to deal with the months-long but dwindling surge of migrants heading towards the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Cummings spent more time crying “racism” and attacking the president on the policies instead of working toward a solution on the problem at the border. He also was not worried about his own district as the poverty level is at its highest. Cummings spent more time working with other blind Democrats as they are still pushing for impeachment hearings for something that is not there. They are still clinging to “obstruction of justice” when there is nothing there. If they applied the amount of time they criticize the president into fixing this country, everything would be done by now. This is how fast President Trump is moving.

Mulvaney added, “I think the president wants folks to know that look, instead of dealing with those issues, Mr. Cummings is spending his time on this impeachment inquiry, which we all know is going nowhere. Democrats have a chance to actually focus on things that matter. Instead, they’re working on scandal, and I think the president is doing everything he can to highlight that.”

The announcer strategically continued to press Mulvaney to admit Trump was attacking a minority congressman. Mulvaney explained where he could see where people get the idea it is racist because it is a “dangerous” place to live, and “no human being would want to live there.” But with the media, anything the president says can be taken out of context. Instead of pulling portions out of the president’s text, they should try putting the whole text on the screen.

Mulvaney continued, “I understand why, but that doesn’t mean that it’s racist. The president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong. It’s how he’s done in the past, and he’ll continue to do in the future.”

One main thing Mulvaney pointed out is Cummings is in charge of the Oversight Committee, and President Trump called for an investigation to the city and find out where the money went. The problem with this is since Cummings is in charge, nothing will get done.

When the president spoke of AOC and “the squad” he was called a racist. When Nancy Pelosi attacked in the same manner and the same group, she was praised. So what is the difference? The media. Mulvaney pointed out he hopes that people can only see what the democrats are really doing when nothing is getting done for America.


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