Musk Forms a Panel of Various Beliefs To Re-Write Twitter Content Moderation Policies

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Ever since news broke that Elon Musk had reversed his decision and was going to buy Twitter, the liberal left has been sitting on pins and needles. They believed that he was going to turn Twitter into such a free platform that the entire site would become a haven for racism, sexism, and pure hatred. Oh, how they underestimated what his intent was.

The Technoking of Tesla has taken everyone by surprise by ensuring people got a seat at the table to discuss content moderation. Sitting down to meet with censorship advocates and left-wing activists to pick their brains about what they want to see from Twitter is not something many expected.

Published on a Twitter thread by Musk, he made it known that the council will have people with “widely-divergent views” and include groups that face “hate-fueled” violence according to Musk on November 2nd. This mixture indicated that he will do the impossible in the liberal-driven social media landscape, and ensure everyone has their voice heard. This kind of idea is sheer brilliance given how silenced the voice from the right has become in recent years.

“Twitter’s content moderation council will include representatives with widely divergent views, which will certainly include the civil rights community and groups who face hate-fueled violence. Twitter will not allow anyone who was de-platformed for violating Twitter rules back on the platform until we have a clear process for doing so, which will take at least a few more weeks.”

Musk’s tweet here is a sign of intelligence and a purely open mind to keeping Twitter the true town square he is envisioning it as. It also marks the changing of the tide in how many voices will be heard on Twitter. By working to eliminate bot accounts, making fair to all fact-checking policies, and giving an equal voice to all, Twitter is now looking like a viable platform for the right to use once again.

Since Musk finalized the deal, numerous leftist celebrities have left the platform. Democrats have been screaming from the rooftops because they are starting to lose bot accounts that would spam their messages. Additionally, their biggest supporters are now frantically searching for another place to go.

Instagram is reportedly the next landing spot for the liberals. Given the reputation of Meta (the main corporation behind Instagram and Facebook) to be a landing pad for all things for the left, it’s no surprise they want to run there. Mark Zuckerberg has been silencing the right on these platforms for years. Between limiting the account’s reach, randomly disabling accounts, and taking forever to restore accounts after false accusations, he is running a social media socialist paradise.

President of the Digital Progress Institute Joel Thayer spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation about Musk’s changes.

“I think, and probably rightly, [Musk] is worried about some of the backlash that he’s been getting from the mainstream media about turning Twitter into some sort of conservative hellscape. I think what he’s attempting to demonstrate is that he’s taking in broader considerations, but in all reality, this is really a technical fix. It’s not really a political fix. And I mean, I’m glad that he’s talking to a variety of different folks. But I think what he’s going to realize is that everyone is going to have their definition of content moderation.”

Thayer is right. Everyone will have their own definition of what content moderation means. By considering the way different people look at situations and terms, he is allowing Twitter to be the voice of the voiceless once again. His steps to wait a bit longer to bring back previously closed accounts is a way to make sure they aren’t gone again immediately.

Given how far left Twitter had gone, it’s a good thing he’s not jumping to overcorrect the situation. If he had we would never hear the end of the left crying.