Muslim Scholar Rips Omar and Tlaib

Muslim Scholar Rips Omar and Tlaib

Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have received much criticism as of late and some of it well deserved. Most have been by those who are either strongly against the Democrat party of those who simply don’t agree with the policies they push for and represent.

However, few have come from those of a similar background, either ethnically or in regards to religion. Both have seemed to earn some measure of respect by being the first Muslim women, and women of color, at that, elected to the House of Representatives.

But that just changed.

After the dynamic duo’s press conference on Monday where they discussed their disapproval of being banned from the nation of Israel and what they thought should be done about it, “The Ingraham Show” on Fox News invited a fellow Muslim woman and immigrant to speak.

And much to the nation’s surprise, it didn’t bode well for Omar or Tlaib.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed is the daughter of Sunni Muslims who emigrated from Pakistan to Britain. She is a noted physician, professor, public speaker, writer, and columnist. The well-accomplished woman is also firmly against Islamic propaganda and those who associate themselves with radical Muslims.

When asked by TV host Laura Ingraham about her view of lawmakers Omar and Tlaib, she let it be known that she is not a fan of either of their actions as of late.

She said, “What you are seeing is full-blown Islamist propaganda.” And she would know.

She continued her opinion of the two by saying, “These are professional victim-mongering women who unfortunately have been elected to Congress but are using every tool in the playbook of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“They are using Islamic tactics to invert reality. What they are seeking – they have a grotesque Holocaust envy,” Ahmed said.

What she is referring to explicitly is their continued attack on Israel and the Jews. When two were barred from Israel, they demanded apologies, called for a complete defunding of the nation, and continued to allege that the Israeli government was unfairly and hatefully oppressing the Palestinians who live within their borders.

And this not nearly the first time such accusations against Israel have been incited by the two women. In fact, they are so consistent in their criticism of the US ally that the mere mention of their names drums up thoughts on Israel and Palestine.

And the effect is even worse within the confines of the Democratic party. Their extremely public and vocal attention to the issue forces just about every Democrat to take a side, ripping the caucus apart from the inside out.

Though neither answer is one that is favorably looked upon, when asked about their support for Israel, members of the Democratic party must either agree with the two Islamic extremists and risk being ostracized by friends, constituents, voters, and the media or side with President Trump. As we all know to side with Trump is something no Democrat wants to do, but neither do they want to label themselves as anti-Semitic.

Furthermore, Ahmed’s comments on the actions of the two congress members confirm what conservatives have claimed about them for some time, that they are trying to stir up hate and anger against one of America’s most stalwart allies, in the effort to eventually ruin both.

After all, both women, Omar, in particular, are well-known for anti-American remarks, such as how she doesn’t appreciate our government, says this is not the America that she and parent’s envisioned when coming her some 20 years ago from Somalia, and that immigrants should be allowed to walk right in and have all the same rights as real Americans.

For many, these comments are downright un-American and go against everything we were founded on and stand for. According to some, her policies alone, in cooperation with Tlaib’s will be the end of America as we know it, which as a rule, is pretty much the purpose of Islamic extremist groups such as ISIS right? Destroy all that oppose you or don’t believe similarly.

It would seem that one way or the other, that is what these two women are all about, bringing on the ruination of Semitism as a whole. And this Muslim scholar just confirmed it.


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