Must Watch: St. Louis Hero Homeowner Takes Down Cuomo on CNN

Must Watch: St. Louis Hero Homeowner Takes Down Cuomo on CNN

St. Louis homeowner and attorney Mark McCloskey made headlines over the weekend when he was willing to go toe to toe with the Black Lives Matter protesters in his neighborhood. CNN invited him on to talk about the incident and he had a lot to say. The protesters had broken down a private gate to make their way into his neighborhood.

This would be a scary moment for any homeowner, for sure. A live stream of the mob clearly shows them breaking the gate as well. They did not seem to mind the live stream, either. The protesters have clearly reached a point where they are no longer afraid of any sort of reprisal. Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia came outside and brandished their firearms to let the protesters know they meant business.

Of course, it did not take long before the leftists got their hands on the pictures and decided to use them for meme purposes. Others acted as if this was the worst thing that they had ever seen. Chris Cuomo of CNN seized the opportunity to build a narrative of his own. These people were not protecting their homes, they were engaging in an act of “white resistance”.

That was Cuomo’s reasoning for why Trump would appreciate the imagery. Cuomo was not ready for the response that Mark had to offer him. “I’m glad you’re a mind reader because no one else thinks you are,” McCloskey said and it was the perfect retort. No one can profess to know what goes in anyone else’s mind and Chris Cuomo wouldn’t be our first choice if we were looking for a clairvoyant.

These are the sorts of dunks that we go to Twitter for but getting to see one in real time was exhilarating. What did CNN think was going to happen when they allowed this man on the air? The liberals only wanted to see him get dunked on themselves. This is what discourse has become these days. All we can do is sit back and enjoy the show.

As for the actions of this couple, they may have been excessive to some but their fear is easy to understand. No homeowner wants to see their most crucial investment be endangered. While Mark probably did not plan to shoot, sometimes a gun is brandished because people do not want it to come to that. It’s the equivalent of firing a warning shot in the air when you find yourself in a tough predicament.

In some instances, the sight or sound of a gun is the only language that people understand. The protesters have gotten used to the idea that liberal cities would back down from him but once you are breaking down the gates in private, residential areas? All bets are going to be off at that point and Mark is letting them know where he stands on the matter.

Some people would have simply started firing into the crowd but he did not. Cuomo may want to believe that Trump is rooting this kind of behavior on but he doesn’t have all that much motivation to do so. If the social unrest continues, this is just another arrow in the quiver of Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats.

Everyone knows that they will pin all of the divisions that are currently taking place on Trump and they will neglect to mention all of the liberal leaders who have contributed to the mess that we are in. When citizens feel as if they have no choice but to brandish firearms on their own property, this is a sign that something is deeply wrong.

Don’t tell that to CNN, though. This is just another excuse to play the “gotcha” game with Trump. If anything, all they are doing is causing more and more people to think long and hard about voting for Trump come fall. Cuomo might want to think twice before launching his next attack on this administration.


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