Nancy Pelosi and the Fight Against Ocasio-Cortez

Nancy Pelosi and the Fight Against Ocasio-Cortez

The Democratic Party is under a lot of pressure.

They currently have a new generation of liberals that are coming up in the ranks that too radical for their own party.

The current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has had to go back to the era of former President Obama in an attempt to gain support in order to pass a new environmental bill.

The problem is that it is not good enough for those that support the Green New Deal that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is trying push on the American people.

The vote on the new bill is supposed to be taken this week.

The bill is designed to keep President Trump and his administration from pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

However, the liberal Democrats believe that it will not be enough to keep all of that from happening.

Their own party is divided on the right course of action that should be taken.

On the other side of the aisle Ocasio-Cortex has stated, “The idea that we can just reintroduce 2009 policies is not reflective of action that is necessary for now in the world of today, there is no harm is passing,” she is referring to the Paris bill at this point.

She believes that there needs to be better action taken to address the climate change issues. Conservatives see her new deal as a socialist agenda aimed at taken the freedoms of the American people and throwing them out of the window.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be using the agenda and strategy that Obama used while he was in office.

She believes that the Affordable Care Act is still beneficial and that other policies such as Medicare for everyone is not a viable option.

The vote on the new environmental bill is scheduled to happen in just a few days.

What the House is doing, thinks the Democratic Party, is pushing their powers too far. President Trump has been very vocal about the rolling back of the previous administrations policies.

He has used his executive powers to change things for the better of the country. President Trump has loosened the strangling effect of many regulations that they had on commerce and economic growth.

Some of the issues that Pelosi is starting with are popular issues with many voters.

They Democratic Party has been in the majority of the House for over five months and they have nothing to show for it.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to turn that around, but it might be too late. The Democratic Party is divided with too many progressive personalities to get much done.

Katherine Clark, Representative from Massachusetts, believes that the former administration did much to help the country and solve many of its problems.

She has stated, “That administration put forward real solutions for the American families.” She also has stated, “There is no sort of ‘moderate response’ here. It’s just that we are the beginning of this process.”

The Democratic Party believes that President Trump is not really concerned with the environment.

President Trump has signed a bill that protects millions of acres of land from development.

Not to mention that he has freed up commerce to make developments aimed at improving the way the country does business. These improvements will very likely help the environment.

This move by the Democratic Party is designed to get the people to focus on the Paris agreement.

They want the country to believe that the Republicans do not care about the country and its future. But that is far from the truth. So far the Democratic Party has stated they want to change things but do not have a current plan to present in order to get those goals done.

President Trump has said that he plans on vetoing the bill.

He still holds to his promise to pull the country out of the agreement. It will cost more in the long term to stay in than to pull American out.

He believes that it will cost millions of jobs and make the United States less competitive moving into the future.
The President continues to put America first just like he promised he would do when he was campaigning back in 2016.


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