Nancy Pelosi Is Rushing to Delete Records of Her Feb 24th Chinatown COVID-19 Invitation

Nancy Pelosi Is Rushing to Delete Records of Her Feb 24th Chinatown COVID-19 Invitation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to paint President Trump with the racist brush because he was willing to ban flights from China during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, she was so cocky about this assertion, she decided to take a follow-up step that was completely unnecessary in retrospect.

She decided to take a walk around Chinatown on February 24. This was supposed to show Trump that he did not know what he was talking about. This little jaunt took place after coronavirus cases had already been confirmed in the United States. A month after Trump had decided to restrict incoming flights from China, Pelosi waltzed through Chinatown.

She wanted to encourage Americans to eat and shop at these locations. While some might try to pretend that this was a noble pursuit, those who have been following the never-ending war of words between Trump and Pelosi know better. This was done as a means of showing up the president and treating his travel ban as if it were not truly consequential.

Now that enough time has passed for this video to look sufficiently stupid, Pelosi is freaking out. You’re not going to believe this but she has realized the error of her ways. Instead of being willing to own up to it, she is electing to delete the video. That’s what cowards do when they are confronted with evidence of their wrongdoing.

She believed that the fears of coronavirus were not warranted but we are sure that her tune has changed a bit. Pelosi is clearly out of touch with the rest of the world but someone needs to tell her that the Internet does not forget when these types of events take place. People are not going to let her live this down and rightfully so.

How can she say that Trump is the one who is in the wrong for how he handled the virus when she was the one waltzing through Chinatown without a care in the world? If the president had been the one to do this, we never would have heard the end of it. If there’s one thing Pelosi is good at, it’s finding ways to pass the buck onto someone else.

The Trump campaign is not about to let her do that, though. Brad Parscale is one of the Trump campaign workers that took to Twitter to blast “Nervous Nancy”. She clearly does not want Americans to remember what she said at the onset of the coronavirus and that’s just too bad. She should have thought of this before she decided to make a fool of herself.

To be perfectly honest, we are surprised that it took her this long to delete the video. You would think that she would have felt bad about this without having to be dunked on for it over a month later. In our humble opinion, she is probably going to want to hire some new handlers that are able to get out in front of these things before it is too late.

We are sure that Pelosi’s gaffe is going to continue to live on during the Trump campaign. There is no way that he is going to pass up the chance to make fun of her for this over and over again. While some people would be chastened by this kind of mistake, Nervous Nancy thinks that she can quietly delete the video and move on without a peep.

On the bright side, the rest of us get to enjoy a political nosedive unlike any other that we have seen. She is going to have a tough time getting anyone to take her seriously anymore. Even the most ardent leftists have to be watching everything that is taking place with a great deal of skepticism. How could they allow this charlatan to assume that she is their mouthpiece?

Those of us who wanted to have a good laugh at her expense have already saved the video on their phones to show all of their friends. We cannot say that we blame them. There’s no reason why good humor like this should ever have the chance to go to waste. Maybe she’ll try to pass some legislation that requires everyone to delete it?

We are joking at the moment but no one ever knows what the future is going to hold. It’s too bad that she can’t make a huge show out of tearing the video in half like she did to the President’s speech at the last State of the Union address. We are sure that she would if she could.


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