NBC Exec Wants Trump To Seek Gun Owners Using Google

NBC Exec Wants Trump To Seek Gun Owners Using Google

Is it possible to find out who the next mass shooter is going to be? According to former NBC Chairman, Bob Wright, it’s possible to use Google to do it. Wright has already briefed Trump on how to take advantage of big tech algorithms to determine who could be behind the next mass shooting. The biggest problem is that this method could also affect plenty of innocent people.

The White House is currently refusing to respond to questions about whether President Trump is considering the use of big tech companies like Google to identify potential mass shooters.

A longtime friend of Donald Trump is also a former NBC executive. Bob Wright is one of the top proponents of using big tech companies to collect data on users. It could potentially identify and prevent violent actions. Wright is using his friendship with Trump as a way of urging the Trump administration to take this step.

Reports have already shown that Wright has been briefing Trump officials on a proposal that would create an agency known as Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA) to explore ways of using data to prevent violent incidents.

Ivanka Trump has been asking questions of what the new agency could do, including whether it could actually prevent a mass shooting. This came following the shootings that happened in El Paso and Dayton, back to back.

Based on the proposal for HARPA, they would use “breakthrough technologies” focused on sensitivity and high specificity in order to early diagnosis neuropsychiatric violence. Real-time data analytics, as well as a multi-modalities solution, would create an accurate diagnosis.

Data collection would include everything from Google Home to Amazon Echo to Apple watches. However, with all of this information being potentially collected, it borders on whether this is an invasion of privacy. Geoffrey Ling, a scientific advisor and the Founding Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, identifies it as one of the only solutions that can help to prevent mass shootings. He explains that the project would take a significant amount of scientific rigor and data. As the founding director for DARPA, he has also helped the Pentagon with technological developments to solve a number of complex problems.

Plenty of analysts wonder if HARPA would set a dangerous precedent. A former chief research psychologist with the US Secret Service, Marisa Randazzo, says that the technology would be great if they can identify violent risk. However, she said that many aspects of predicting violence and don’t make sense. Hundreds of thousands of people could be potentially flagged as suspects. With such a high possibility of false positives, it would make it hard to determine if someone were going to act violently or if they were simply citizens.

A similar question is being asked about social media platforms, including Facebook. The social media giant has faced a significant amount of criticism about censoring conservatives – and even Democrats are advocating for breaking up what they believe is a monopoly.

Censorship algorithms aren’t perfect, which is what many tech analysts say is the problem with Facebook. Their algorithms are suffering from false positives, which means that certain people are being censored when they shouldn’t be – and this could be the same problem that HARPA would face when identifying potential terrorists.

According to various data scientists, Facebook’s algorithm for censorship has an estimated 70 percent success rate. This means that 30 percent of the time, the content is being identified as provocative or prohibitive – and that means that the conservatives are being left out of the social media platform. Essentially, Facebook’s algorithms aren’t strong enough to identify valid conservative content from white nationalist content – and that’s a huge problem.

This is what people want to know. How is what HARPA going to do any better than what Facebook has been trying to do? Will normal citizens get flagged for doing what they do and terrorists will get to slide right through the system? Many people need to see more proof that the supposed agency can do what they say that they’re going to do because Facebook is proving that it’s not going to work.

It’s also unclear as to whether HARPA would be a solution utilized instead of creating stronger gun laws or if it would be used alongside it. Until the Trump administration starts talking about whether they’re going to use it or not, there are a lot of questions happening. It’s about to start sounding like a sci-fi movie where innocent people may get accused of mass shootings that haven’t even happened yet – and Republicans are more likely to be the victims.


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