New Asylum Rule is Evidence of A Smarter Government

New Asylum Rule is Evidence of A Smarter Government

If you are too close to the trees, you can’t see the forest so the adage goes. This is either a situation very resemblant of that or just a case of common sense ignored. Fortunately, common sense is precisely what the President decided to use when he put the new asylum rule in place.

To hear the public rights activists, virtually any Democrat and those bleeding hearts that deal more with emotion than fact, this is an act of evil proportions. The Wall Street Journal is already plastering headlines about thousands being stranded at the Mexican border. To understand what is happening and where all this clamor is coming from, we should heed those opening lines and step back from the trees. There have been too many applicants and people at the U.S. – Mexico border for officials to process and this isn’t a new issue.

Now, and in large part due to this new asylum order from the President, that process has become more congested. There are now even more hopeful immigrants awaiting entry into the United States hoping for a better life. Those coming in through due process and proper channels, we welcome with open arms. They will still have to wait, however, which is the very essence of “due process.”

If you were a person who liked to play the odds, then you would want to bet on the “waiting” part as the root of the problem behind this entire story. When Trump passed the order to cease giving asylum to those at the border, it meant more waiting. As tens of thousands of migrant families come up through Mexico from Central America every month, Attorney General Barr simply said in a recent story that border officials are “completely overwhelmed.” Yet, those seeking entry should know the obstacles in front of them and realize that patience will be required.

If one didn’t know any better, they might think that this new rash of irregular immigration could be an effort to circumvent the system using asylum. Not that anyone is suggesting that all of those tens of thousands of people are doing so but isn’t it foolish to not believe that many might be? Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said that the new asylum rule “will help reduce a major ‘pull’ factor driving irregular migration.” That so-called, “pull factor” could very well be those efforts to bypass the immigration process by claiming asylum.

While so many voices are crying that this asylum rule is unfair and unjust, it doesn’t look at all that way if we take a step back. What about all the law-abiding, hard-working Mexican immigrants who are patiently waiting for their due process. Waiting for their opportunity for themselves and their families in the greatest country in the world?

Is it fair to them to allow those to bypass the system and leapfrog those who have been waiting? Is it smart to allow thousands of people, unchecked by the immigration system, to come into our homeland? Do those who are crying realize, that any boat no matter how big and beautiful (the Titanic comes to mind) will sink if it is overloaded?

If the United States were a country that anyone could simply walk into, don’t you think that damn near the entire world would be at our door? Yes, even those stuffy Europeans although they wouldn’t dare say it. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave and without question the land of opportunity. Of course, everyone wants to be here.

There isn’t anything wrong with so many people wanting to come to America, we just need order. What we don’t need is liberals, Democrats, and do-gooders screaming foul every time someone tries to establish order. This new asylum rule is smart, it will keep us safe and it is the right decision. Unfortunately, an already long process will take even more time, but wouldn’t you be willing to wait if it meant an opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

It is said that ‘good things are worth the wait,’ and it doesn’t get any better the United States of America. The new asylum rule isn’t based on cruelty but common sense and it is evidence of a smarter government. This is a government we have been waiting for, and we’ve been waiting for this type of common sense leadership for longer than anyone has been waiting at the border!


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