New Politically Correct Version of Microsoft Word Set for Release This Year

New Politically Correct Version of Microsoft Word Set for Release This Year

For those paranoid the writing they produce in Microsoft Word might offend overly sensitive audiences, help is on the way.

According to TheBlaze, “A new version of Microsoft Word will take document checking to another level.” The new product offering will inspect consumers’ writing for political correctness and provide word alternatives that are less likely to ruffle the feathers of readers.

Mark Sullivan of Fast Company reported that the innovative artificial intelligence-driven program named “Ideas in Word” is geared at helping writers write better.

According to Sullivan, Microsoft hasn’t labeled the new program as a political correctness aid. Ideas in Word will function similarly to Microsoft Word’s current grammar and spellcheck system.

It will underline words the program recognizes as too insensitive. Sullivan offered potential customers a taste of what to expect.

For instance, according to Sullivan, “Say you write, ‘We need to get some fresh blood in here.’

The AI is likely to underline ‘fresh blood’ and suggest ‘new employees’ instead.” He also said Ideas in Word “might underline places where your writing exhibited gender bias.

If you tend to say ‘mailman’ or ‘Congressman’ in the generic, it might suggest you use ‘mailperson’ or ‘Congressperson.’ If you use the term ‘gentlemen’s agreement,’ it may suggest you use ‘unspoken agreement’ instead.” Likewise, if you insert “disabled person” into your writing, Ideas in Word would suggest you change the phrase to “someone with a disability.”

Sullivan explained, “Person-first terminology is preferred because it portrays the person as more important than the disability.”

The new program will highlight phrases that might be deemed offensive in other cultures or countries.

Ideas in Word is also purportedly supposed to help writers with conciseness and clarity. Malavika Rewari, Office Intelligence product manager, told Sullivan that Microsoft put together a team of linguists and other experts to predict the poor word selections individuals might utilize in their writing.

The team was also tasked with creating lists of terms that would work better. Sullivan revealed, “The AI’s training data also includes Wikipedia pages, which are constantly being updated and corrected.”

According to TheBlaze, Office 365 customers should expect to see Ideas in Word in June of this year. A general release of the product is slated for later in 2019.

Like Microsoft Word, many dictionaries are pushing a liberal political correctness agenda. According to the Daily Wire, added the word “white fragility” last month.

The conservative media outlet reported that “Sociologist Robin Di Angelo, one in the endless line of perpetually bored, arrogant and/or ignorant ‘experts’ on race, coined the term” back “in 2011.” The Daily Wire noted the politically correct term “was overlooked initially (and for good reason: It’s stupid).

But naturally, it has picked up steam along with the political career of Donald Trump. After Trump won the presidency in 2016, the Oxford Dictionaries put the term on its short list for word of the year.” defined the word as “the tendency among members of the dominant white cultural group to have a defensive, wounded, angry, or dismissive response to evidence of racism.”

Making an astute point, the Daily Wire said, “Imagine how these politically correct lexicographers would faint at altering this term for people of color: ‘black fragility,’ ‘Latino fragility,’ ‘Inuit fragility.’

But as usual, the white majority is singled out as perpetually unaware of its skin ‘privilege.’”

USA Today got Aria Razfar, a professor of education and linguistics at the University of Illinois, Chicago to provide his take on “white fragility.” The professor offered that incorporating words like this into the dictionary is a sign the idea has “become more mainstream.”

Supposedly, social media is skyrocketing both the use and acceptance of these politically correct phrases.

And, words such as “white fragility” “provide a language so that dominant society could interrogate itself and really look at itself in the mirror in terms of its relationship with non-dominant populations and oppressed groups.” Regarding “white fragility,” the Daily Wire sarcastically proclaimed, “The only way out is to renounce your whiteness.

We officially declare ourselves to be American Indians (like Sen. Elizabeth Warren) and identify as oppressed.”

If the trend of excessive political correctness continues, the next generation might have to consult with a computer program or dictionary to find out what their parents, grandparents, and other older adults are actually saying.


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