New York Times Blames Climate Change on Wearing Clothing

New York Times Blames Climate Change on Wearing Clothing

Climate change is just another made-up term to describe what people have been fighting about for decades. Years ago it was called global warming and before that, it was the depletion of the ozone layer. There is no doubt that things are changing or at least cycling through normal changes that the earth goes through every few hundred years. The loony liberals believe that mankind is responsible for killing the planet. They have been promoting the various ways that they believe it has been done for years. But there is one way that the  New York Times has announced that is just plain laughable.

The media giant stated that to fight climate change a person needs to take their clothes off. In a way, this statement makes absolutely no sense at all. The report stated that the clothing and footwear departments are responsible for producing eight percent of the total gas emissions that are destroying the planet. Where this figure was found makes one wonder how accurate their facts are. The very notion that mankind is destroying the planet because of CO2 is just absurd. A volcano puts out so much CO2 that it far outweighs the amount mankind has ever produced.

One group that calls themselves Quantis is telling people that they need to stop buying clothes and just not wear it at all. If people keep wearing clothing, the amount of CO2 is just going to double. But what is being said here is that in the  Democratic utopia people will have everyone else’s money, and they will be running around naked because they need to save the environment. So all the people in the cold regions are going to need to stop wearing warm clothing to see that the world is safe.

The New York Times will print anything crazy and fake just to sell a newspaper. There is no proof that mankind is responsible for the killing of the planet like so many wacky liberals are trying to tell everyone. The very thought that people need to stop wearing clothing to save the planet is just as stupid as motels claiming that washing towels are going to kill off aquatic life. None of what the Times is reporting makes any sense at all. But of course, the s Democrats have never made any sense about anything.

This belief about the clothing seems to be so far out there in wacky land that even the crazy Democrats have failed to bite. This idea has not been discussed or even proposed by many of the candidates. The reason for their refusal to talk about it is because their agendas and plans are so wacky, to begin with, that they would be hauled off in a loony van for even believing such things. It is even possible that such actions against the clothing industry will be the consequence of having a crazy Democratic president.

Of all the problems facing the world today the very notion that a climate organization would choose to focus on such absurd ideas is just mind-blowing. But crazy people will believe anything that they want to see. As is the case regarding Woody Harrelson. He has stated in defense of such absurdity “I was always anti-fashion because it always seemed to me there were more important things to care about” — like melting ice caps, the Amazon burning, and the pollution of our water, air, and food. Many people fail to see how the $2.5 trillion apparel industry is connected to our environment, which means we persistently pay no attention to how it might help us solve our climate crisis.”

The New York Times has put themselves at an all-time low with this report. The very idea that the world is going to end tomorrow because a person puts on a cotton t-shirt is just plain stupid and ignorant. The biggest problem that the world has to face right now is all the liberal news agencies promoting unchecked and unverified stories


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