No Contribution to Healthcare, No Visas

No Contribution to Healthcare, No Visas

Over the last few decades, there has been much abuse on the American system when it comes to immigration.  President Trump is fighting hard to keep the American citizens first, but the Democrats want to have it the opposite.  One of the biggest hits was taken on the health industry due to a large amount of special treatment given to illegal immigrants.  The White House announced visas will be denied to immigrants who cannot show they have or working to obtain health insurance.

The main goal of this is to help drive down the cost of health insurance, which has been abused mostly by illegal immigrants.  Free service or service without payments in hospitals has cost American citizens a fortune as millions of medical bills go unpaid.  Studies show 23 percent of immigrants are uninsured compared to only eight percent of American citizens uninsured.  Democrat policies are mostly to blame for this, and President Trump is putting an end to all corruption.

Immigrants who come to America and want to become citizens must prove they have the funds to pay for medical care or have the ability to obtain health insurance.  As of November 3, this order will go into effect.  President Trump wrote, “The United States government is making the problem worse by admitting thousands of aliens who have not demonstrated any ability to pay for their health care costs.  Immigrants who enter this country should not further saddle our health care system, and subsequently, American taxpayers, with higher costs.”  A White House official added, “It does not affect refugees, asylum seekers or students seeking to attend college in the United States.”  The official added, “If they cannot show that to the satisfaction of the consular office, their visa will be denied.”

Democrats and people who support illegal immigration are hating this order about to take place.  It does sound heartless, and it may look “racist” as they all cry out, but it is far from it.  It is past time we close our borders and our benefits until our country has been wholly assessed, fixed, and running correctly before we give out another handout to immigration.  It is time that we stop taking in people who take advantage of our benefits only to leave the American citizens out on the street with no help.  Our veterans are the worst ones to feel the effect of this.  This is the world the Democrats have left us with.  President Trump is the only one who is working to fix this as other conservatives are vowing to help him.

With the border wall coming up, ICE raids, getting Mexico to step up their game and help stop illegal immigration, and now denying visas, these are the most significant steps to achieving the ultimate goal of ending illegal immigration in America.  Snowflakes need to wake up as well because there will come a day when there will not be any handouts for them either in their time of need.  American citizens need to see that we, as conservatives, are not taking away anything.  Instead, we are keeping what is ours in place for our children and grandchildren.

It is no different for a family who lives in a neighborhood where demands are made every day, all day long.  The family continues to give handouts until they have nothing left.  Then the family who supported the entire neighborhood is now the hungry one.  So what typically happens in those situations?  The family goes hungry while the community lives well or moves on to someone else for handouts.  The family then becomes forgotten.  This is what has been happening to America while Democrats ran down the system by allowing illegal immigrants to do this.

Immigration advocates are fighting this proclamation from the Trump administration.  They are claiming he is running the country like a dictator or a tyrant.  These are the souls who are diluted because they lack the knowledge of what is really happening behind the scenes as the Democrats weaseled their agendas into the mix.  Everything Democrats did and everything Obama did, President Trump is undoing and making it better.  It only looks bad if people see it from the perspective of a liberal who is using them like a puppet.  Like everything Trump does, it is for the better of America in mind for the long term as there are some exceptions to the rule President Trump included.  Democrats won’t tell you that part, though!


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