No Fly List Suit Coming to Supreme Court

No Fly List Suit Coming to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is stepping in once again to protect the innocent from the line of hatred that the liberals and Democrats are throwing at the Trump administration. Every move that the president has made to protect the country from terrorists and people trying to harm Americans has been met with opposition from people that would like to see the president fail at his promises he made to the country. The demonic Democrats and loony liberals would love to see the United States destroyed at the hands of its enemies. So they fight against security and safety measures put in place by the president.

The Supreme Court was petitioned by the president to keep FBI agents safe and secure from a lawsuit that has been filed by three Muslims that have been placed on the “no-fly list,” They claim that they were placed on the list because they would not become informants. Their refusal to help the country that protects them is a refusal to be an American. They are on the list because their actions have become anti-American and pro-Islam. The Islamic regime has become an enemy of the United States and other free nations around the world.

Under the old law, Islamic terrorists can sue the FBI for refusing to allow them to travel. But since 1993 the world has changed to the point where terrorism has taken control of the airways, so they can kill innocent people. These three men have refused to help their country fight against the tyranny that has sought to destroy the freedoms of millions of people. The original intent of the law was to ensure that the government had adequate reason to restrain a personal religion.

These men are part of a religion that seeks to kill people. Their refusal to help the country has led them to be kept from flying to protect the country. Their cry of religious oppression is a classic example of the loony liberals and terrorists trying to find any way to harm the country. The loony liberal court of Appeals has sided with the loony liberals to promote that members of a murderous religion can fight back in the country that they are trying to destroy. Muslims may say they are peaceful but their core beliefs require zero-tolerance to foreign powers.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals joined forces with the men who refused to help their country. And of course, they are trying to sue the government for money. They are not fighting to restore their right to fly. All they want is money. This proves that they do not care about anything but their selfish greed. Like good liberals, they want the money. And they want the power. Like a good terrorist, they are also claiming that there is no evidence for them to be grounded. But their refusal to help their country gives the reasons for suspicion.

Omar Ilhan is another person that needs to be watched with scrutiny. She has repeatedly downplayed key events and attacks by the Islamic regime on multiple fronts. These men and the sorry Omar are examples of the tyranny that comes in quiet form from Islamic people. The enemies of the United States have learned to use the country’s loopholes in their favor. President Trump is fighting to close those loopholes so people stop taking advantage of the country.

The no-fly order on them has kept them grounded and in the country. This means that they cannot visit relatives in other countries. These men are crying like babies because of their affiliation with the enemies of the nation. Their insistence on suing the government is purely out of greed. The federal government has indicated that they can fly. There is no reason why they should be pursuing the lawsuit any further.

Their case was originally thrown out by the lower court. But they pushed the issue and got the upper court to reinstate the matter. The lawsuit is aimed at taking down law enforcement officers that have made decisions to protect the country. The law enforcement agents need the protection of the law to continue to do the job that they are required to do.


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