Not All Is Lost: Here Are Companies Hiring Right Now

Not All Is Lost: Here Are Companies Hiring Right Now

While there is not much good news to come by at the current moment, we are here to provide you with some positive information. There are too many sad stories to sift through right now. The stories that we are reading on a daily basis are terrifying. As we all try our best to mitigate the crisis, we are trying our best to find the silver lining to this cloud.

On a positive note, there is a wide range of companies that are looking to hire new employees. These companies are looking to keep up with the increased demand that is taking place. Retail outlets all over the country have been left scrambling. Stock personnel is needed, in order to keep the shelves full.

Delivery workers are required to make sure that various items are delivered to our doorsteps. The demand for these workers is very real and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Now that consumers are being told to stay home so that they can mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, more and more consumers are going to be looking to make their purchases online.

Even when the country has been ordered to stay at home, numerous essential businesses are still in operation. Grocery stores and food establishments are chief among them. For the younger crowd who is a bit less susceptible to the virus, quick trips outside to stock up on the necessities are not as dangerous.

Smaller businesses are doing their best to cope with the current reality, while larger businesses look to add employees who are able to assist them. This provides an opportunity for those who are currently unemployed through no fault of their own to obtain temporary employment. Hopefully, they are able to find work that allows them to keep their bills paid until the crisis has had a chance to subside.

“Our colleagues have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to providing essential goods and services at a time when they’re needed most,” CVS CEO Larry Merlo said in a statement. “As they continue to be there for the individuals and families we serve, we’re taking extra steps to provide some peace of mind and help them navigate these uncertain times.”

The company plans to immediately hire 50,000 people for full-time, part-time and temporary jobs, including store positions, home delivery drivers, distribution workers and customer service representatives.

Americans with limited skill sets are the most vulnerable at the moment and they can use this opportunity to transition from their current gigs into something that is a bit more sustainable. CVS, Dollar General and Instacart stores are all hiring right now. For those who are unfamiliar, Instacart allows users to receive the groceries that they need without having to leave the house.

Instacart, online grocery deliver behemoth, announced plans to 300,000 new shoppers across North America in the next three months, as they’ve seen year-over-year order volume increase by 150% in the last few weeks, according to a press release.

All you need to do is head to the site, choose the store you are interested in and fill your cart. From there, a designated delivery time is assigned to you. While we were once able to choose our own delivery time before, times have changed. The demand is too high for us to set our own times anymore but we are still big fans.

Each of these companies is planning on hiring tens of thousands of employees to assist them during the crisis. CVS will even offer an on-site bonus to any employees who are willing to work at their stores directly. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon recently took to Instagram to let the world know that his company would also be hiring a sizable amount of new workers to assist their clubs, stores and distribution centers.

Their current workers are going to receive a bonus payment and their first-quarter bonuses for 2020 will be paid early. Entry wages at Wal-Mart have also been raised, in hopes of attracting more workers in the meantime. Job opportunities can be found all over America at the moment and this provides some small level of solace to those who are wondering how their bills are going to be paid.

ZipRecruiter has several listings for warehouse attendants and warehouse handlers. FedEx, Amazon, Costco, SaveMart and Raley’s are among the companies that are driving this demand. 7-Eleven added tens of thousands of jobs to their United States stores and Zoom’s business is booming. This is to be expected during a time when people are relying on teleconferencing more than ever.

While these numbers are not going to provide comfort to Americans who are looking for a way to replace the paychecks that they have already lost, they offer a lifeline to those who are looking for any method to stay afloat. Hope is hard to come by during these challenging times. None of us knows when things will return to normal.

We do not know how the economy is going to bounce back from this crisis, either. All we can do at this time is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Americans can also take this time to contact their friends and loved ones. Social distancing has left many of us without anyone to talk to. Be sure to reach out and offer some encouragement when possible.


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