NPR Admits of Ignoring Biden Sexual Abuse Allegations

NPR Admits of Ignoring Biden Sexual Abuse Allegations

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noticed that a number of outlets are not willing to acknowledge the Joe Biden sexual assault allegations. These are the same outlets that have no problem discussing any allegations of this nature that are made against someone who happens to be a Republican.

The hypocrisy has to stop someday but we doubt that will happen anytime soon. The New York Times waited almost three weeks to issue any sort of report on the topic. Meanwhile, National Public Radio decided to take even longer. They needed an extra week before they were willing to publish a story.

Their Public Editor has now decided to address this discrepancy. According to the headline, NPR’s response to the allegations was not fast enough and that the delay opens them up to all sorts of accusations. If NPR did not want to be accused of partisan behaviors, they probably should have actually covered the story when it first broke.

The Washington Post is another liberal media outlet that waited far too long. These companies ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing their political leanings to determine their willingness to report the news. The National Public Radio silence fuels a number of narratives that they probably would not like to be associated with.

For starters, NPR probably rooted for Biden to win the nomination. They are allowing themselves to look like Biden supporters who were secretly wishing for Sanders to drop out. That’s not the only narrative that they are fueling at the moment. NPR also appears to be reluctant to tell any story that is going to assist Donald Trump with his efforts to win a second term.

The New York Times and The Washington Post both published stories on April 12…

NPR’s own original work was broadcast for listeners a week after that, on April 19, closing in on a full month after Reade first went public with her story.

That timing conveys a lack of urgency on the part of the NPR politics team…

That it took nearly a month to get to air hurts. NPR’s silence on the story feeds at least three critical narratives, or perhaps suspicions: 1) NPR preferred Biden over Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination (the story broke before Sanders had dropped out, but barely); 2) NPR is reluctant to tell stories that may help President Donald J. Trump’s re-election effort; 3) NPR is hypocritical, covering claims of sexual assault leveled against Republicans, but burying similar accusations against Democrats.

The aforementioned hypocrisy is another narrative that they are allowing to grow legs. If NPR is willing to report on sexual assault allegations that take place on the right side of the aisle, they should be equally willing to issue the same reports when prominent Democrat politicians are accused.

Asma Khalid is the NPR reporter who was assigned the story back in March. Khalid did not want to speak to Tara Reade initially, though. She wanted to do some research first. Kelly McBride is the Public Editor for NPR and she believes that the research process could have been completed within one week. Instead, Khalid spent nearly three weeks gathering information.

It’s a far cry from the way that these types of allegations are usually handled by outlets like NPR. By the time Khalid was willing to interview Tara Reade, she readily agreed. She only needed two days before she was ready to be recorded. By the time the story was published by NPR, it was already April 19. They wasted nearly a month dawdling around.

When you take a closer look at how the same reporter handled a completely different sexual assault allegation, NPR’s true objectives come into a clearer focus. Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s allegations were discussed on air by Khalid one day after the New York broke the story. What happened to research? What happened to taking your time?

It’s a double standard that everyone has had enough of. If we are supposed to believe all women, we need to maintain the same mentality at all times. Those who do not are exposing themselves as hollow virtue-signaling types that do not actually care about sexual assault. The left seems to think that they can use allegations to their benefit when they feel like it and ignore the ones that they don’t agree with.

When NPR saw fit to publish their story about Tara Reade’s allegations, they did not even bother to include the interview that was conducted with one of Reade’s closest friends. These do not sound like the actions of an outlet that actually wants the truth to come out. It sounds like they were covering their backsides.

The public editor claims that NPR was not interested in providing Biden with any sort of edge. So what is the reasoning, then? From the looks of it, they are lying to everyone and expecting not to be called out for it. They are taking us for a ride and the leftist are going along with it.

The left-leaning media does not even care to hide their true feelings anymore. The #MeToo crowd is changing their tune entirely and people like Alyssa Milano have done an about-face. The same people who are all fire and brimstone when a Republican is accused now want to look the other way for Joe Biden. Duly noted, leftists.


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