Nunes Asking About Irregular Requests To Monitor Journalists In Ukraine

Nunes Asking About Irregular Requests To Monitor Journalists In Ukraine

Devin Nunes, a Republican Representative from California, identifies that there’s a big issue happening on Capitol Hill right now. The Dems are going for a “rocket docket” impeachment and not looking at all of the facts that are showing up in front of them. There’s a constitutionally mandated due process that is being shoved out the window in the effort to impeach Trump as quickly as possible.

Nunes is set to ask the State Department about some of the irregular requests being made to monitor US journalists that are in Ukraine. He wants to know more about the requests that were made by an ousted US Ambassador to Ukraine’s Marie Yovanovitch for communications of US journalists to be monitored over there.

As the top Republican within the House Intelligence Committee, Nunes wants to talk to Yovanovitch during her scheduled testimony about those alleged efforts. Obama was the one who appointed the US Ambassador in 2016. She was recalled by the State Department a few months ago. She will be part of the impeachment inquiry, giving a deposition against Trump. She is still an employee with the State Department. At this time, it’s unclear as to whether the administration will block her from appearing before the committee.

Nunes wants to clear the air to make sure that what he’s hearing is factual. He’s heard that there have been “strange requests” about wanting to monitor multiple journalists. He wants to know if there was a reason for that. If it can be explained away, that’s okay. But, he wants to hear the reasoning behind such things.

Fox News’ Hannity talked to Nunes and said that he’s heard multiple sources telling him that there is a belief that government resources were used to monitor some of these communications and that the former US Ambassador could be involved. Nunes identified that it may have been done properly if the State Department was handling the surveillance.

Nunes wants to make sure he gets the answers that he’s seeking – and preferably before Yovanovitch takes the stand.

John Solomon, a contributor for Fox News also wants to do some more digging. He wants the Ambassador to be given an opportunity to explain. He’d also like to hear from Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State. Solomon has a history of being an investigative reporter, responsible for such breaking headlines as the Ukraine controversy as well as some of the origins of Barr’s review of the Mueller report.

At this point in time, it’s too early to know if there is or isn’t something that went down that shouldn’t have. However, Nunes is extremely critical of how quickly the Democrats have been focusing on impeachment without going through due process. A lot of questions are being created as a result of the investigation and the Dems aren’t stopping long enough to ask and find out. As a result, he wants to find out more about some of the unusual requests that were supposedly made by Yovanovitch.

Nunes, as part of the oversight committee, has the right to ask these questions. Since the Dems aren’t asking, he’s taking it upon himself to ask the questions. If there is validity to why she was monitoring the journalists, he’ll leave it at that. However, if there was something being done by the State Department that wasn’t okay, he needs to know that, too – and use it to help support Trump during the impeachment proceedings.

Hannity also brought up an important aspect of the interview with Nunes. The transcripts don’t have any kind of threats toward Trump. There’s also a non-whistleblower whistleblower that has turned out to be nothing because the information is second-hand and supposedly has political bias. However, what there is on record is a transcript of Biden talking to Ukraine, holding out $1 billion to Ukraine and giving them six hours to make a decision to fire the prosecutor.

Nunes responded by saying that if Solomon’s reporting is correct, the Ukrainians opened up the investigation on what happened with Biden long before Trump made the phone call. The Ukrainian president also has gone on record to say that, at no point, did he feel threatened. He said it was a conversation.

There’s also a letter that states concerns that they have about Yovanovitch and how she was not serving the Trump administration well.

There is a lot that needs to be explored here. While the Dems may be in a hurry to impeach, they still have to look at facts – and Nunes will be there to make sure the important questions are being asked.


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