NY Man Kills and Eats Father for Fear Over Coronavirus Infection

NY Man Kills and Eats Father for Fear Over Coronavirus Infection

Khaled Ahmad who recently took violent measures to remain protected from the coronavirus outbreak. This New York City resident told the authorities that he murdered his own father. When the police approached him in the middle of the night, he was covered in blood. By the time his father’s body was found, his arms had been sliced off and he was badly mutilated.

The police said that this was one of the single worst crime scenes that they had ever come across. The father was missing several parts that the police have yet to locate. Khaled approached the officers himself and admitted to the crime. He found the police at a local bagel shop and the two had been spending quarantine at their home in Dyker Heights.

“I killed my father,” the blood drenched man said. Imad Ahmad was 57 years old at the time of the murder. Khaled was arrested immediately. Imad suffered multiple stab wounds and part of his head was also cut off. Why on earth would a son decide to disembowel their own father? These are the stories that make us wonder what the heck is going on in the world.

Times are hard right now, for sure. Violence is never the answer, though. We cannot begin to imagine how the bagel shop clerk felt when one of their regulars walked in covered in their father’s blood. According to the clerk, Khaled was ranting and raving about murdering his father when he came to the bagel shop.

In addition to the murder charge, Khaled is also facing weapons possession charges. Once he was arrested, he was taken to the Lutheran Hospital for further evaluation. This is not the first time that officers had been called to the home. Domestic disturbances have been taking place at this location on a regular basis.

Ahmad was even taken to the hospital in February after his father told the authorities that he had a knife. That makes this story even more sad. The police could have potentially intervened and kept this father alive. From the looks of it, there were clearly major issues taking place at this residence. Four disturbance reports were filed in the month of February alone.

Khaled was also said to be very unhappy with his current living situation. He wanted to leave New York as quickly as possible and start a new life with his family in the Palestinian territories. He even created a GoFundMe page that was dedicated to this specific purpose, asking for $1 million to assist with the move.

Processed food and cockroaches were drawing his ire. He said that everything in America is very expensive, the scent of dog urine was everywhere and that his stress level was through the roof. Khaled’s dream was to return home, where he could enjoy the delicious food and beautiful weather that he missed so much. Ahmad even cracked a joke about his receding hairline when he was asked why the dollar amount was so high.

While he was born in Brooklyn, he moved to the aforementioned territories with his loved ones when he was just 2 years old. The 13 years he spent there are considered to be a very fond memory, even though he was forced to deal with the political turmoil of the region. It was hard to grow up in this environment but he tried his best to look at the positives.

The GoFundMe page was posted in late September but it will come as no surprise to you that there were no donations. We can certainly understand where Ahmad was coming from. It does not excuse his actions, however. We hope that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law for making his father suffer like this.

We cannot wait to see how the liberal media spins this tragedy so that it is somehow President Trump’s fault. That’s been their primary objective during the social distancing era. If someone terrible happens, they work overtime to make sure that it is somehow linked to the mean orange man that they all seem to hate so much.

Stories like these make us wonder how many other tragedies are taking place while families are stuck in quarantine. Since the mainstream media is already preoccupied with COVID-19 related news, we are sure that there are a number of sad stories that have fallen by the wayside. Hopefully, the authorities are able to keep a closer eye on the problematic home situations out there and stop future incidents like these before they have a chance to take place.


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